Ahmad Kabbara | Founder of Tripolitan Cuisine

The techniques of preparing Lebanese cuisine vary among cities and regions. Similarly, Tripolitan Lebanese Cuisine offers the most innovative and varied cuisine, including sweets and savory. Henceforth, expatriate Tripolian activists attempt to revive the heritage of Tripolitan cuisine.

Who is Ahmad Kabbara?

Ahmad Kabbara was born in Tripoli, Lebanon. His hobbies include photography,videography, and cooking. Ahmad carries a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Open University in Lebanon. He was committed to traveling abroad to twelve countries, exploring different cultures and opportunities. Ultimately, decided to settle in Canada, specialize and work in project management. However, Ahmad’s back-home nostalgia; inspired him to become the founder of the Tripolitan Cuisine Facebook page and YouTube channel by merging his skills into creating cooking tutorial clips, introducing distinctive Tripolitan dishes, and presenting the nutritious values of the food. His page and channel gradually expanded by reflecting on the viewer’s questions and curiosity about his dishes. He aims to teach and explore the art behind cooking to inspire non-professionals, expatriates, introduce Tripolitan cuisine to different cultures, and of course, bring the reputation of Tripoli’s culture to the whole world.

According to Ahmad, the ‘topics box’ was essential for the page’s expansion. To explain, the topics box includes organized recipes under specific titles of each topic and an explore engine section to ease the search process for desired recipes.

Furthermore, Ahmad Kabbara says: “In Tripolitan Cuisine, we seek to present on the ground of reality, as well as on the ground of virtual reality on social networking sites, where we conduct public social activities and gatherings on behalf of bringing many people together in one place to get acquainted personally and present their recipes. The most popular activity is hosting Potluck events, also known as ‘Ramadan Picnic’ held in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tripoli. This year, the event carried hundreds of individuals coming from different cities across Lebanon to meet with each other and learn new things; hence, covered by the media.”
These yearly activities are typically reported, leading to further publicity. Consequently, expanding the social media platform of Tripolitan cuisine, increasing the number of followers up to 3K every month.

The Tripolitan Cuisine Facebook group has members who have a family-oriented environment, communicating 24 hours a day, as many of the staff are overseas. The time difference between countries plays a significant role in keeping this group active, along with ‘teamwork’. The team consists of 70 people, including 15 administrators working behind the scenes, ensuring the consistency and success of this project.

Tripolitan Cuisine during the holy month of Ramadan:

Those who had followed the latest culinary trends over the past three years noticed the expansion of streamed culinary programs during the holy month of Ramadan, receiving tremendous and noticeable interest from various segments of society, including followers of the Tripolitan Cuisine page. Upon that, Ahmad has his ways to stand out from others. His Ramadan culinary programs have additional features that present the “Riddle” section, also known as the raffle. He introduces the dish via storytelling by elaborating on the dish’s history followed by a daily and direct raffle for the winners. Some of the popular Ramadan recipes included soups, desserts, and juices served before and after fasting. Besides, do not forget to mention additional tips advised by Ahmad on how to decorate your dining table during the special month to portray the spirit of the month!
Besides, his all-day proposed menu for each day of Ramadan expanded the popularity of the Tripolitan Cuisine page, as it eased and provided everyone with ideas to prepare course meals for the entire day.

Moreover, the Tripolitan Cuisine page followers always have questions and inquiries about the dishes and the program. The most frequent question is about the technique of preparing a recipe. Therefore, Chef Ahmad Kabbara never hesitated to provide the necessary advice. Likewise, many families requested to present the program in a colloquial dialect for children to understand. Instead, Ahmad believed it is important to maintain the program in a formal Arabic dialect, known as ‘Al-Fusha’ to encourage children to learn, understand, and practice the language. Similarly, Ahamd created a cooking competition for younger people, motivating children to participate and share the results of their beautiful dishes with the Tripolitan Cuisine page. The page became an essential reference for many people who wish to learn the origin and secrets of Tripolitan Cuisine and encourage inclusivity of vulnerable groups in the community. The Tripolitan Cuisine page and the channel are a sign that influenced individuals to explore this cuisine.
Given these points from the article, Ahmad Kabbara, the founder of Tripolitan Cuisine Facebook page and channel, has a clear vision of his passion and inspiration for his work, and you are most welcome to follow Tripolian Cuisine on social media and the website to receive latest updates about his astonishing cuisine development!


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