An Empire, Music, Books and Militias

Bryce Provance looks out in the distance from his chair. It is another foggy day in these mountains he calls home, he says he has always lived in the mountains, moving back and forth from the Apalachians to the North Cascades. “There is something soothing, and Timeless about the mountins and the people who live in them, a sort of bond between the mountains and the people who scratch an existance in these hollars and rills.” He opines sanguinely from his rocking chair looking out over a breathtaking view of lakes, mountins and birds flying in the distance. He is a man of vision, who has been back and forth across this country visiting 32 states and livingin 9 of them. He refuses to fly and is more at home on a mountain trail than in a city. Some cll him eccentric, some a genius others evil and some a hero. I will leave that up to the reader to decide. 

When asked about the New Mexico Civil Guard he looks intensely and answers the questions in a curt manner. He says the idea of that organization was to help the community, but became reactionary after going out every night for two weeks straight during the protests of 2020. He says he left the organization before the mess at the statue, but was begged to come back by a certain leader in Bernlillo. He then left for good after the wagon wheel training. “ There was no more good to come out of what we were doing, everything I had envisioned became nothing more than a pile of ashes in front of the mens egos and the political agendas of mayors, prosecutors and Governors. I envisioned an organization that helped with search and rescue in the community, something that was like the red cross but knew how to use weapons in case we were ever invaded or something.” He ends the conversation on those days there with only a quip that “ and those prosecutors prosecuted all the wrong guys only three actual members were netted in their case. 

He speaks enthusiastically about his new projects though, his books and his Confederated Empire of Bir Tawil and other Territories. It seems he created a nation out of a general wish for true freedom. The Emperor is a felon in the United States, and with this he is the last form of citizen who can be discriminated against. In the US felons can be barred from housing, Jobs and being involved in volunteer work. He states bitterly “ I drove 4000 miles there and back to Kentucky with pregnant fiance to volunteer for the red cross, they placed us at a shelter with 8 people with covid then moved us to a staff shelter we worked 12 to 24 hour shifts, used our own money and car caught covid and were told to drive home after two weeks. When we finaly made it home they fired us because 10 years ago I had a felony conviction.” He says he doesnt identify as a felon anymore and is Trans Felonious.

He founded the Confederated Empire as a true nation under the Montevideo Convention and states that “under Article 6 of the US constitution that convention is supreme law of the land, which grants his country a true and independant status.” His Empire sells patents of nobility to those wishing to become nobility in a true way not the “buy a plot of land in Ireland and we will pretend to call you lord way” but since they are a nation they can give out patents. They have formed a government with ministries and contacted other nations, Somaliland, Taiwan and the Tibetan Government in exile are the ones who hve responded. 

They have currency, passports and Identifiction cards and have been buying plots of Land in New Mexico and other locations, then contacting the US State department and letting them know they are part of the Empire. There are several buisnesses in Tennessee that accept their currency since it is backed by silver. He says he eventually wants to build floating islands for his nation so the citizens can live on their own and not be dependant on working in the nation they have seceded from.

He has an Album he released last year that has been well reviewed called Square 1 by “Lonely” dancing about architecture and a french and german online magazine reviewed it well. He says it was a good album it’s what he felt at the time but is now more interested in writing books than making that kind of music anymore, but says with a laugh“The first three songs on that album were great.” He now writes books and runs his country, while trying to stay in his Bible. His books are available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon websites. He says get them on Lulu where he publishes its cheaper


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