What is computer science

What is computer science? As you probably already know, computer science is the study of computers and computational systems. Unlike…

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What is science

What is science? People have long been curious about what science is, and even more so now that there are…

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Dr. Eric Holmes Life Coach and Best Selling Author with his must read book “The Power of The Seed”

Dr. Eric Holmes is a life coach from Harrisburg PA, he became a “Life Certified Coach” in 2019. Dr. Eric…

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BICEP3 experiment tightens the bounds on models of cosmic inflation

The latest results of the BICEP3 experiment published Oct. 4 in Physical Review Letters sheds light on how the once-promising models…

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First massive galaxies lack hydrogen to produce stars

Even today, our Universe makes stars every day. But when he was only three billion years old – the equivalent…

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