Introducing NFTs: New way to brand your business and create a personal avatar

There is nothing like graduation to make your dreams come true. Different cultures celebrate graduation in unique ways. With the advent of digitalization, graduation ceremonies have taken on a new flavor. Having a graduation celebration as a digital business owner is an excellent way to brand your company! Why not use NFTs? It’s an ahead of time Idea to celebrate your graduation, what’s more? , make your business stand out!

You’ve probably heard of NFT by now; it’s a new keystone in the ever-growing digital industrialization. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will become more common in the future. Your favorite NFTs can now serve as your Twitter or Reddit profile picture, with Facebook and Instagram to follow soon after.

NFTs are no longer considered a novel investment. According to Market Decipher, a market research and analytics firm, the market, which was worth $232 million in 2020, had boomed to $22 billion less than a year later. According to the firm, the NFT market will be worth more than $60 billion by 2031, growing at an average annual growth rate of more than 19%.

The owner of ggtoy, an NFT company that creates physical toys for designed NFTs, celebrated his graduation in a distinct way. Mr. Gregory Taylor, the owner, is from Edmonton, Alberta, and recently graduated from the University of Alberta.

Mr.Gregory took benefit of his graduation ceremony to promote NFT art by his company. Wearing a special NFT art toy mask called Mutant Ape Yacht Club, he posted a photo of himself on the company’s Twitter account.

New trendy NFTs are here to help you grab your followers’ attention, whether they’re in the form of a personal avatar or a promotional NFT. NFT has already been integrated into the marketing strategies of many brands. Metaverse brand presence and NFTs collections in your bucket. This is all you need to brand your business in today’s innovative, technology-driven environment


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