Rapper Rob Twizz launches NFT’s with the newly re-branded LimeWire

The nostalgic file sharing services LimeWire has recently relaunched as a brand-new platform this year. Back in the day we all used LimeWire for torrenting music; now they are an exclusive marketplace for NFT’s. Sporting the same iconic green logo, they have been launching NFT’s with major artists such as Soulja Boy and Aitch. These NFT’s are a new place in music where they are now giving music fans access to artist exclusives such as songs, artwork, tickets, videos, IRL perks and so on. This is providing a new and improved user experience and opening up the NFT collectibles market to the mainstream audience.

New York recording artist Rob Twizz is the latest rapper to join the NFT release. He is being featured on a weekly LimeWire segment called “In the Limelight.”  Rob Twizz has gained notoriety with the releases of his infamous Halloween Cyphers. With October right around the corner, he is releasing is Halloween themed NFT package. The collectible includes a funko-pop inspired Halloween Emcee artwork, as well as a chance for owners to have their name shouted out in the next cypher drop. In addition, there is exclusive behind the scenes video clip from the more popular Cypher 3.0. The NFT package is set to release on Friday 9/2/2022 via the Algorand network. The self-proclaimed entrepreneur has had success in his pursuits in crypto, being a believer in the future of ETH and Bitcoin and now NFT’s for the music world.

You can check out his exclusive collection here:


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