Aspiring Musician RJ Yolande Mendes Is Fully Geared to Release Exciting New Music in 2022

Summary: Musician and Entrepreneur RJ Yolande Mendes has dabbled in many art forms and entrepreneurial ventures. She is now set to release new music, along with other exciting projects, in 2022.

(Mumbai, July 2022) – Striving to be independent from a very young age, RJ Yolande Mendes has made a name for herself by doing the things that she loves, and the things that she is talented at. Her career started as a radio jockey as she hosted shows on many prominent radio stations. Following her radio success, she branched out into voice over work and singing. She is now working on exciting new music for 2022, along with many other projects that her followers are bound to enjoy.

A representative for RJ Yolande made an official press statement “RJ Yolande Mendes is a hard working and multi-talented woman who leaves no stone unturned in her quest for new experiences in life. She has completed more than 200 certificate courses on various fields of knowledge because she always aims to discover new things, and pursue new ideas as an entrepreneur and a freelancer.”

The representative further added “She has recorded thousands of voice-overs for high-profile companies and she is a top-ranking freelancer on platforms like Freelancer.com and Fiverr.com. Her singing voice has been appreciated by her listeners on YouTube and Spotify, and she is now aiming to release a lot of new music in 2022.”

In addition to voice-over work, RJ Yolande Mendes has also branched out into business coaching, professional training, graphic designing, web designing and much more as a freelancer. Having founded her own digital marketing firm called DIVE International, she is also a business leader who strives to offer a truly bespoke customer experience.

More details about RJ Yolande Mendes can be seen on her official website at : https://www.yolandemendes.com/


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