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New Research Resonates with Ancient Sound Therapy Teaching

The ancient practice of using sound healing is finding a place in modern medicine.

The ancient practice of using sound healing is finding a place in modern medicine.

Nikola Tesla said it himself, ¨If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency, and vibration.¨

Even Einstein said “Everything in Life is Vibration”

What does Vibration have to do With Sound?

Well, you don’t need to be as clever as Einstein to understand that sound IS vibration. Anyone who has been front row at a rock concert, felt a jet go super sonic or attended a sound bath using a gong can tell you that you literally feel the vibration sound creates.

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In a sense, energy, frequency, sound and vibration are what the universe is made of. And we humans are made of ¨star stuff¨ which is a fluffy way of saying we are made up of the same thing that makes up the universe, sound and energy.

So why am I on about Sound and vibration and frequency and all that?

Modern Sound Therapy Used for Healing

Because if our bodies are composed of energy, sound or vibration then using vibration or sound as a healing modality makes sense, right?

In modern medicine most people know that Ultrasound is used for diagnostic and imaging purposes, But sound is also used in other ways. One example is lithotripsy, a procedure that uses sound to obligate kidney stones so they can pass.

But what’s more exciting are recent discoveries using sound.

One recent March 2022 study used ultrasound cavitation to eradicate liver cancer in mice.

The ultrasound cavitation destroyed part of the tumor and prompted the rats immune system to take care of the rest. All using something as common as sound.

How the Ancients used Sound Healing

Shamans around the world use shamanic drums for healing, journey, trance work. Shamans will use the beat of a the drum to enter a trance and undergo a process called soul retrieval to bring back fragments of the soul lost durning trauma.

Nearly everyone experiences trauma at some point in their lives, and the idea behind soul loss and the shamanistic practice of soul retrieval is that through trauma, fragments of ourselves are lost, fragmented or displaced. They may leave or hide, in an effort to protect us.

The ancient shamans and modern day sound bath practitioners alike use sound therapy to retrieve soul fragments and return the self to balance which facilitates healing.

Sound is a Powerful Healer for Young and Old

Sound therapy researchers used music in one study done with infants undergoing stressful or painful procedures.

The researchers found that the music therapy lowered the babies heart and respiration rate, relaxed them, compared to the infants who were control subjects in the experiment, and received no music therapy. Poor Babies!

Another study conducted in 2017 demonstrated that ¨Tibetan singing bowl meditation may be a feasible low-cost low technology intervention for reducing feelings of tension, anxiety, and depression, and increasing spiritual well-being. ¨

As you can see, sound is a powerful healer.

If you are interested in learning more about using sound for healing or meditation Head on over to the High Vibration Station to learn more.

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