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How to Approach Girls

It can be terrifying to work up the courage to talk to new people. It becomes even harder if the person you are interested in approaching is a cute girl that you want to have a conversation with that ends up in a date. The good thing is there are ways of increasing your chances of making a good impression and reducing your fear of rejection.

Below are some steps from Rachaels London Escorts that will go a long way in helping you when approaching girls.

Looking for go signals

Before worrying about what you are going to say or do when approaching, the first thing you need to know is when to do it. Timing is important and it can sometimes mean the difference between getting a date and being ignored.

Below are some good examples of when it is a bad time and a good time to approach:

Approach a girl when she is standing or sitting and is relaxed. Those who show open body language and a positive mood tend to be more willing to have conversations.

Approach her when you notice that she has been sending glances and/or smiles. This is a sign that she is interested and wants you to go over there and initiate the conversation.

Avoid approaching when the girl is looking upset. There is a good chance she is having a bad day, and the last thing she wants is to get hit on by a stranger.

Avoid approaching when the girl is preoccupied with something. You won’t make a good first impression if you are interrupting her.

Creating an Instant Connection using your eyes

When approaching a girl, make sure you use eye contact. This should be the first thing you need to do for two reasons;

It shows that you are confident

It creates a sense of closeness

When making eye contact with someone, it triggers oxytocin production, aka “the cuddle hormone.” While eye contact alone is not going to create strong feelings of closeness, it is going to establish a sense of trust, which makes her more willing to have a conversation with you.

Approaching from the Side

Women are more on guard compared to men when they are surrounded by strangers. It can be intimidating to approach her from the front or behind because she has the fear of being attacked. The best way to approach is from the side so she can see that you are coming and get ready for your presence. Don’t startle her.

Prove you are worth talking to

According to many studies, people are usually judgmental and hesitant when it comes to meeting people for the first time. Girls have been raised on the advice that they have to be careful when they are around people they don’t know. There are some questions they have to ask themselves before deciding whether to talk to a person or not.

What are they looking for from me?

Is this a person I can trust?

Are they worth my time?

When you help a girl answer these questions, she will be comfortable with you and be willing to engage in the conversation. Below are some good examples of conversation starters that make it easy for her to understand your intentions:

Asking them for advice: “Is there a good place around to eat?” “Is that gym good? What do you like about it?”. This is also a good way of determining any mutual interest you share.

Being playful. “I have a very urgent emergency. I am finding it hard to choose between a caffe latte or the café American. Which one do you think I should choose?”. This works even better when you are in the coffee shop because you can assume that the girl likes coffee, and is ready to talk about their favorite drink.

Asking them for a favor. “Hi, can you hold this jacket for me so I can grab these drinks?”

Make a stand (be careful so you don’t overdo it). This is an advanced move. The goal is not to become a rude jerk. You become attractive when you have an opinion about something you are very passionate about. It is best to stay away from politics and religion. Some safe topics include music, movies, food, and anything that you can comfortably discuss with your grandma. You can bring up something like Texas BBQ is the best and I can not be convinced otherwise. Make sure you have a smile so she doesn’t take it too seriously.

Showing that you are harmless

Women’s brains are good at reading men’s body language. When you approach a girl, their subconscious is already analyzing you from how you hold your body, and how you move, then use that information to decide how they are feeling about you.

Your body language should be letting her know that you are friendly.

You can make girls feel at ease using these signals;

Open body language; you should have an open torso and nothing blocking you

Visible hands to show that you aren’t going to hurt her

Direct eye contact when approaching

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