How Nagesh Bagale Become Musical Artist

Nagesh Bagale is an Indian Classical Tabla Player/Musical Artist From Sindhudurg, Maharashtra. He Was born on 1 Oct 2000 in Sindhudurg Maharastra.

Nagesh Bagale is one of the most accomplished tabla players in the world. His live performances are accompanied by video art, and his compositions are featured on three recordings of traditional Indian music.

With a career that spans over 15 years, Nagesh is one of the most respected tabla players in India. His performances have taken him across the world to Russia, Europe, the US and the Middle East.

Born in a musical family, Nagesh started playing the tabla at the age of five. His father shri deepak Bagale was an experienced tabla player. He is one of the few artists who have mastered playing three instruments, namely tabla.

The sound of Nagesh Bagale’s tabla has enthralled audiences from all over the world.

Nagesh Bagale is one of the leading Hindustani Tabla players in India. He has won many awards and accolades in his musical career.

Nagesh has been performing for audiences of the world since the age of 8. From rock, fusion and jazz to Indian classical and film music, he has grown with a natural virtuosity which is always in demand.

Nagesh has been practicing and playing tabla for the past 15 years. His variety of music ranges from classical to rock, fusion and pop.

One of the foremost tabla players in the world, Nagesh Bagale is also an acclaimed composer and musical artist.

Nagesh’s music as a performing and recording artist has been called “intoxicating”, “spellbinding” and “powerful”.

In the world of Indian classical music, Nagesh Bagale is a rare virtuoso tabla player.

With his tabla, Nagesh Bagale weaves an intricate, polyrhythmic tapestry that awakens the audience’s ears and excites their hearts.

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