Difference Between ITX And ATX

Both mini-ITX and micro-ATX are small-form element motherboards used in tiny computer systems. As motherboards, both ATX as well as ITX give the fundamental features that can run a computer.

“Small kind aspect motherboard” is the usual term for any type of motherboard below a certain dimension. The majority of these motherboards are used in computer system gadgets that are smaller sized than a laptop. Non-standard computers and computing gadgets (such as tiny or handheld computer systems) are usually the main place of these motherboards, which are additionally used in the popular tablet computer.

In addition to the common computer applications, these motherboards are utilized within electronics like residence theater systems, electronic cable boxes, cellular phones, handheld media players, and also digital video clip recorders.

Smaller-sized motherboards, like the micro-ATX and also mini-ITX, are commonly preferred because they are a lot more affordable, easier, less complicated to manage, and also less complicated to put together. Naturally, the major drawback of any kind of tiny kind factor motherboard is that it sometimes does not do as effectively as a normal-sized motherboard. There are fewer electric layouts as well as computer system parts that can be attached to this type of motherboard.

Both micro-ATX, as well as mini-ITX, are popular among people that wish to personalize their motherboards as well as, therefore, their computers. These 2 motherboards are one of the most common tiny form factor motherboards on the marketplace.

This motherboard is made to support low-cost computers in little spaces like cars, and set-up boxes, as well as network tools. It is additionally used in thin client computers and situation layouts for ATX, micro-ATX, as well as various other ATX versions.

This motherboard can likewise support CPUs (Central Handling Devices) from VIA, Intel, and also AMD. It has 4 PCI or PCI Express expansion slots. Unlike the mini-ITX, it likewise has a full variety of incorporated peripherals like audio, graphics, and Ethernet.

The micro-ATX is additionally backward suitable with the ATX motherboard. Additionally, it can be made use of in full-size ATX situations with the same power links as well as chipsets completely ATX boards.

If we compare atx vs itx, the micro-ATX is considered extra traditional compared to the mini-ITX.

1. The mini-ITX is substantially smaller sized compared to the micro-ATX.

2. The micro-ATX has 3 sizes– conventional, maximum, as well as a minimum– while the mini-ITX has one standard, taken care of size.

3. The micro-ATX can likewise be a substitute for a full-size ATX motherboard given that all the parts of both motherboards coincide.

4. Due to its size, the mini-ITX can only hold several features and parts, while the micro-ATX comes fully provided with audio, graphics, BIOGRAPHIES, CPU, memory, storage, clock generator, development cards, power adapters, as well as various other motherboard elements. It is the contrary for the micro-ATX given that it can hold a lot more elements and still feature as a complete motherboard. 5. Unlike the micro-ATX, the mini-ITX does not require expert elements.


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