Rob Wiesenthal Discusses Private Jet Travel Outlook in 2023

The Outlook for Private Jet Travel

Private jet travel has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering people an unparalleled level of convenience, luxury, and cost-effectiveness. With more people discovering this unique form of travel, the outlook for private jet travel is looking bright, with many industry insiders pointing to certain trends that indicate its continued growth.

In this article, Rob Wiesenthal, founder of BLADE, takes a look at some of the major trends that could shape private jet travel in the future.

Increased Demand

In recent years, private jet travel has become increasingly popular, and this doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. With the costs of private jet and helicopter charters become more economical, the number of people that can afford private jet travel is increasing rapidly.

At the same time, aviation companies are becoming increasingly aware of the opportunities that private jets offer, and beginning to market them to a wider audience. This increased demand is likely to result in further growth in private jet travel in the future.

More Options Attracting Travelers

The growth in private jet travel has also provided more options for travelers. The emergence of new companies offering private jet services around the world has allowed people to take advantage of cheaper and more versatile services. This has led to an increase in the number of travelers who are considering a private jet for their travel needs, as the cost of hiring one is more reasonable than ever before.

Increased Comfort, Convenience, and Efficiency

One of the main reasons private jet travel has become so popular is that it offers several distinct advantages over traditional forms of transportation. People are becoming increasingly aware of the increased comfort and convenience that private jet travel offers. From the ability to choose your own schedule, to the enhanced security that private jets offer, travelers are now able to make their journeys much more comfortable, convenient, and efficient. This trend is likely to lead to further expansion in private jet travel in the future.

Environmentally Conscious Travelers See Opportunity

The environmental impact of air travel is an increasingly important issue in today’s world. Private jet travel has a much smaller environmental impact than larger commercial airplanes due to its much smaller size and carbon footprint. As the need to reduce emissions becomes more pressing, private jet travel is likely to become a more viable option for travelers looking to reduce their own carbon footprint.

Technological Advancements

The aviation industry has seen immense technological advancements in recent years, and these are likely to continue in the future. In particular, the development of electric aircraft and other tech-driven innovations will likely make private jet travel even more feasible for travelers. These advances are likely to drive further growth in private jet travel in the coming years.

Rise in Luxury Travel

As wealth and wealth inequality rise, more people are focusing on luxury travel as a way to escape their daily lives. Private jet travel provides the ultimate in luxury and convenience, making it an attractive option for many travelers. As this trend continues, private jet travel is likely to gain further traction in the coming years.

Incredible Value for the Benefits

Time Saving

The most significant benefit of chartering a private jet is the time saved. Passengers can bypass the long queues and airport bureaucracy that typically accompanies air travel, getting them to their destination efficiently and on time. Private jets also offer greater flexibility when it comes to scheduling, enabling passengers to choose the times that best meet their needs. Also, for week-long trips, transfers between airports may be quicker and easier using private jets.


Private jets allow for greater comfort and luxury on board, without having to sacrifice security or safety. Private jet charter companies often aim to provide passengers with a five-star experience, utilizing reclining leather seats, private bedrooms, and wet bars. The service provided is also of the highest level and there is often the option for bespoke catering – something tailored to the specific tastes of the traveler.


When it comes to air travel, privacy has often been a concern; and this is especially true for high-profile individuals traveling on commercial airlines. Private jet travelers are given the exclusive opportunity to disembark and depart in complete comfort and privacy, allowing them to avoid the distress and disruption of prying eyes.


Private jets are also known for their accessibility, allowing travelers to select their preferred airport. These airports tend to be much smaller than those used by commercial airlines, further decreasing the amount of time it takes to embark and disembark a private jet. These airports may also be located closer to the traveler’s ultimate destination, meaning that there is less wasted time in terms of ground transportation.


One of the biggest myths about private jet travel is that it is immensely expensive. While it may appear this way upfront, the luxurious quality of service, convenience, and rapid speed at which one can move from one place to another may mean that it is actually more cost-effective than its commercial counterpart. Indeed, some private jet charter companies offer incredibly competitive prices for shorter routes and plenty of discounts for extended trips.

Rob Wiesenthal’s Closing Thoughts on Private Jet Travel in 2023

The benefits of private jet and helicopter travel are undeniable. Those who choose to take to the skies in a private jet are guaranteed a level of comfort, privacy, and convenience that simply cannot be rivaled.

Although the upfront cost might appear to be expensive, the long-term cost benefits afforded by the efficient speed and convenience of a private jet may be far more advantageous than its commercial counterpart.

Similarly positive is the outlook for private jet travel is positive, and it appears likely that the industry will continue to grow in the future. With increased demand, more options for travelers, increased comfort and convenience, a greater focus on environmental impact, technological advancements, and an emphasis on luxury travel, the outlook for private jet travel is looking bright. For those looking to take advantage of this unique form of travel, now may be the time to do so.


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