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Rapper Michael Nunez, aka L-OH-L, claims that his whole life is the symbol of ‘God’s Love!’

Many successful artists in the world believe their hard work and passion are solely responsible for their success. However, some spend their entire lives in distress and find prosperity only after they open up their hearts to God. This is precisely the message that rapper Michael Nunez, more popularly known as L-OH-L, preaches.

Yes, history stands witness to many talented musicians who turned to a life of drugs and alcohol abuse after gaining fame. The more their earnings, the worse their addiction becomes. Hence, it comes as a surprise when a famous rapper dedicates himself to God even after building a fan following of thousands. 

L-OH-L is not like the rest of the musicians out there, as he has witnessed so much pain in the past. Though he had discovered his love for music at the age of 8, the hurdles life threw at him made it impossible for him to pursue his passion till much later. 

The biggest tragedy in Michael Nunez’s life was when he became disabled while fighting terrorists in Iraq as a part of the US Army. Having witnessed so much death, he was unable to stay on the right path and turned to a life of crime. He was a thief, a murderer, a drug addict, and he could do anything for money. 

Talking about his past, L-OH-L shares, “I have gone through many shootouts, deaths, and overdoses to finally figure out who I am. We often robbed people for a few dollars that we later gambled away at a casino.”

Things changed for L-OH-L when he was arrested. After ending up in jail, he found God in his prison cell. He calls it an epiphany that completely changed his heart and soul. Today, he stands witness to the power of the Gospel and the Almighty.

After L-OH-L was incarcerated in 2018, he came out of jail as a new person. It was then that he started focusing on his love for music. Within a year, he managed to gain a large fan following who were awestruck with his healing music and message of peace. “I was to tell the world that I am a product of God’s Grace, and I will do all that is in my power to change the world with my music,” he shares. “Today, I am a family man who wants to enjoy my time on this earth while lifting the name of Jesus,” L-OH-L adds.

L-OH-L’s dedication to this goal is evident in his project ‘Letter To My City’. The big idea was to tell the people of his hometown that the only way forward was to repent and leave the life of drugs and crime. This is not all. He is also giving back by preaching in prisons and feeding the homeless. He also went forward with a prison tour titled ‘Punchlines and Parable’. During this tour, he performed in front of hundreds of inmates and gave them hope regarding life outside prison. 

Michael further went on to reveal that he faced numerous issues in the music business, including jealousy from competitors, as well as those who just can’t stand to see others succeed. But no matter what goes wrong, L-OH-L advises people to continue believing in God as everything happens with His will. No one on Earth can force or change what He has in store for His creations. “My mantra of success is to keep God first and ignore everyone else,” L-OH-L stresses. “I have made it to magazines, radios, playlists, etc., but the greatest accomplishment is that people in the streets will turn off secular music and listen to CHH for a few minutes when my song comes on.” 

L-OH-L is also a part of the prison ministry called ‘Convicted to Conquer’ and is currently enrolled in Hallmark University to achieve a Business Management Degree. 

Even though L-OH-L has achieved so much, he believes that he still has a long way to go as far as rapping is concerned. This talented and peace-loving rapper who claims that his whole life is the symbol of ‘God’s Love!’ is indeed an inspiration for those who want to turn around their lives and walk on the path of God!


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