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Is Kingdom Valley Legal?


Kingdom Valley legal status is one of the main reasons why the society is one of the most significant, splendid & most trusted housing projects in Pakistan. Moreover, the hype that Kingdom Valley has created among the potential investors & general masses is proof enough of how beneficial & lucrative it is in the longer run. In addition, the legality aspect holds tremendous importance before investing because it stamps the legitimacy & validity of the society. This way, not only does it build a trusted bond between the investors & developers, but it also serves both parties in the longer run.

Kingdom Valley is an entirely legal & NOC-approved society. Thus, retaining the trust & faith of the investors & general masses alike. In addition, it also gives a sense of sheer comfort as to how peaceful their future home will be.

Kingdom Valley

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a name of great trust & certainty in the real estate industry of Pakistan. Being one of the most advanced, luxurious & exceedingly affordable housing societies in Pakistan, Kingdom valley is creating great hype. Moreover, the aspect of world-class facilities, set-apart features, exceptional financial feasibility, and seamless & impeccable infrastructure with the grand master plan, the society ticks all the boxes.

Moreover, the trust factor goes through the roof because Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a fully-fledged legal housing venture. Considering the number of amenities & magnificent features that it offers along with NOC approval; Kingdom Valley is undoubtedly an all-in-one package for investors.

Besides, the aim of the developers has also been to raise the bar of lifestyle & that too in every department.

Kingdom Valley Legality

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is an utterly legal housing society in Pakistan. Being one of the tops & most trusted societies, the legality aspect holds great importance. In addition, there’s no doubt that the bond between the developer & investor should always be a top priority—the presence of assurance, faith & trust stamps tremendous importance in the longer run.

It is only possible if all the needed & looking good boxes for the investor’s ease, comfort, and luxury are ticked. Furthermore, since Kingdom Valley is considered the biggest & most luxurious society in the country, NOC approval, legality status & impeccable maintenance does play a huge part.

Approval Number

Kingdom Valley was approved by the well-known & trusted Punjab Housing & Town Planning Agency (PHATA) & even under Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme because it is their co-project along with Kingdom group.

Moreover, the approval number is;

  • DRG/PHATA/2176-2021

It is highly advisable for all investors to do thorough, keen & detailed research before investing in their dream property. It is so because the decision to invest in real estate comes around a few times in a lifetime, therefore to have complete surety & to know the perks & cons before spending the hard-earned money.

Furthermore, you can check Kingdom Valley legal status at any time by validating the abovementioned approval by PHATA.

Pros & Cons of Legality

To help the novel & even old investors make a better & informed decision, here are the perks of having your society as fully legal & the disadvantages in the alternative case;


  • A bond of great trust & assurance builds between the developer & investor.
  • The development process is likely to get faster after the NOC approval
  • The real estate industry as a whole flourishes & grows when the government allows & legalizes housing society in general.
  • A much more secure, safe & comforting future awaits the investors as they will have to fight the legal proceedings & matters
  • A sense of confidence kicks in for the developers, who eventually inspire them to go ahead & develop more societies. It not helps the industry at large but also shows a much giant, lucrative & prosperous future.


  • If the society is not legal, the investor cannot have a sense of trust & assurance. A constant fear lingers at the back as the future looks unreliable & flaky.
  • Legality problems might arise that the investors will have to face. No resident or investor per se wants that.

Importance of Legality

No Objection Certificate holds exceedingly high importance as the society gets the support of overseas and local investors. Overseas investors, in particular, benefit highly as they don’t get the chance to have an on-site visit, so the aspect of NOC approval comforts & assures them hugely.  


Kingdom Valley’s legal status should not be a concern if you intend to invest. Moreover, to make a society successful & prosperous, the first step is to earn the trust of the targeted investors & general public. Therefore, NOC approval is a giant aspect. Therefore, make sure to be wholly confident & informed before investing. Moreover, there’s no need to worry if you intend to invest in Kingdom Valley, as you are covered in every department.


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