Dr. Eric Holmes Life Coach and Best Selling Author with his must read book “The Power of The Seed”

Dr. Eric Holmes is a life coach from Harrisburg PA, he became a “Life Certified Coach” in 2019. Dr. Eric Holmes is a profound Team Leader of “Congressional Global Communication”. He is the director of recruiting of the “Life Coach School of Arkansas”. Dr. E Holmes became a certified “Mental Health Coach”, February of 2022. Dr. E. Holmes is also the marketing director for the “Power Influence Radio” located in Atlanta & Houston.

As a Ordained Elder of his church Dr. E Holmes asked God for a vision and a project he can do to be a blessing to his ministry, the pastor and his first lady of “Beth’el Temple Church of Christ once Dr. E Holmes finished praying one evening he heard God speak in his spirit and say, “Put It In A Book”. Once he was told to do this he began to write diligently day and night and he created his book “The Power Of The Seed”, this book deals with the natural and spiritual aspects of “Sowing and Reaping” and how powerful the seed is.

This book is a definite must have, as countless people has said this book has changed their lives successfully. This book can be found on all platforms and it is suggested that this book is one of the most influential and most powerful book in this day and age. The Power of The Seed is a book we all need our homes., as we understand how to plant and grow seeds as we are divine and can do so. This book is on all platforms such as Amazon & Barnes & Noble.

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