Advice For Constructing Floor Mats With Your Company Logo

Floor mats with a company’s emblem embroidered on them are a worthwhile investment for any company because they can be used for a variety of purposes. They help to maintain the cleanliness of your business, reduce the risk of accidents involving slipping and falling, and contribute to the development of a warm and inviting atmosphere for your customers.

Because the corporate logo or phrase that you choose will be the first and last thing that customers see when entering and exiting your facility, you can utilize logo mats to help strengthen the brand name of your business. They are essentially a type of free advertising that has the potential to leave an indelible impression on the recipient.

As a result, it is essential to give some time and attention to the design you choose to implement. You need to design something that accurately represents your company, and the following suggestions can be of assistance to you in doing so.

Find Out Where The Floor Mats Are Supposed To Go

The positioning of your unique custom floor mats will have an immediate impact on the overall look and feel of the design. Therefore, it is necessary to decide on it before beginning the design process to guarantee that the logo or phrase you employ will be positioned correctly. You want the design to be shown in an upright posture when your guests walk in, not in a sideways position like it is now.

Both the horizontal position, also known as the landscape orientation and the vertical position, also known as the portrait orientation, are referred to simply as the position. When you are designing your pattern, it is important to first examine the orientation of the floor mat so that you can place the pattern in the appropriate location.

Maintain A Low Complexity

Because customers will only have a few seconds to look at the mats as they enter and exit your building, you need a design that can make a good impact on your customers in a short amount of time. Because they are simpler to focus on than more sophisticated designs, simple logos with bright colors typically perform best because they increase the likelihood that visitors will remember the logo after they have seen it.

For the sake of maintaining consistency, the color scheme should correspond to the colors used in the business. Doing so will make it easier for customers to connect the design phrase or logo with your organization. It is essential to select colors that contrast one another to ensure that the design you have created is easily distinguishable from the background you have chosen.

Pick The Appropriate Dimensions And Form

Take a few moments out of your day to measure the spaces in which you intend to install your bespoke logo mats. The dimensions of the mat must complement those of the surrounding space so that it does not give the sense that it does not belong there. The overall appearance will suffer if you use floor mats that are either too large or too little for the space since this will make the mats appear uncomfortable and out of place. Rectangles, octagons, hexagons, and half circles are just some of the forms available to you; therefore, you should give serious consideration to the options available to you.


An excellent marketing approach that will help increase brand awareness and make a favorable impression on clients as soon as they step in the door is to use floor mats that have been custom-made with the company emblem. They will also help to make your business a safer place for your customers by lowering the likelihood that they will injure themselves in a slip-and-fall accident. Your custom-made logo floor mats will be better suited for your company if you determine the orientation of the mats, choose a straightforward design, and get mats that are the appropriate size and form for the setting in which they will be used.


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