Watchcartoononline 2022 Full Review And Free Alternatives

WatchCartoonOnline are one of the most effective therapy not just for kids but also for adults. Studies have found that watching cartoons can relieve your anxiety. They are the source of entertainment for all kinds of people regardless of their age and gender. Cartoons are visually appealing because of their realistic or fiction graphics, motions, animation, and humorous illustration.

Kids love to watch cartoons online in 2021 because the developers use a vast combination of colors which adds fun to children’s lives. Moreover, cartoons are also helpful for teaching ethics, moral values, and kindness to kids.

You can’t wait longer to watch your favorite cartoon, so what is the best way to watch a cartoon right after its release? In this article, we will review the best website known as watchcartoononline. Now you can sit back and relax because watchcartoononline is the ultimate solution to evoke your childhood era.

You can not just watch newly released cartoons, but your old nostalgic animes are present on this website. Continue reading this article to know the comprehensive information about watching cartoons online for free.

What is watchcartoononline?

When watching cartoons online, look no further because watchcartoononline is the famous cartoon streaming website where you have access to all kinds of old and new anime series, tv shows, and cartoon movies for free. The platform is renowned because it has a massive collection of different animes. The portal offers high-definition audio and video that enhance the user experience.

Watchcartoononline is compatible with both mobile and pc. It also has the apk version, which is mobile-friendly, and you can download it anytime on your mobile from their portal. The dubbed feature makes the website more appealing to the users; you can watch your desired cartoon in English and Hindi dubbed versions. Moreover, some other languages are also present on this website.

The interface of this website is very sleek. All you have to do is just type the cartoon’s name in the search bar and watch it online or download it to have fun at your leisure. Furthermore, you can share the entire list of your favorite cartoon collection just by signing up on their website. However, you can still take advantage of the website without registering.

Something is fascinating about watching cartoononline where you can access the entire new portal of animation on a single page. Let’s discuss the unique features of this website and why we think this website stands out among the rest?

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Features of watchcartoononline

There are many spectacular features of watchcartoonsonline, which are discussed below:

  • Easy navigation

The popular website watchcartoononline has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. Users can easily search for their favorite show or anime in the search bar, whereas you can stream unlimited cartoons as this website is free from any restrictions and costs.

  • Uploads on user’s demands

This professional platform stands out the most from other websites because it gives users a unique option. One can submit their issues in their portal and request watchcartoononline to upload their favorite selection of anime at any time. Users love the website worldwide because it fulfills their demands and uploads anime right after, release.

  • High-resolution content

Individuals can feel the true vibe of cinema by watching cartoons on this website. This portal offers splendid image and video qualities like 480p,720p, and 1080p in full HD and SD resolutions. Audio-visual quality is also essential to satisfy the audience’s needs. Animes become more compelling for viewers when their visual appearance and sound quality are great to capture viewers’ interest.

  • Dubbed languages

When you can watch cartoons in your native language, it becomes even more exciting. With watchcartoononline, you can manage your favorite anime in English and Hindi dubbed versions. Furthermore, there are different categories of movies with many languages available.

  • Fast downloading

Most of the internet’s streaming websites constantly buffer, making users uninterested in watching movies, series, etc. Watchcartoononline offers the fastest download speed, but the frequent updates make streaming uncomplicated. However, you can still view the content online and download the updated content because their servers prevent the site from crashing.

  • No registration required

The top reason that attracts many individuals to this website is that it’s free of cost. You don’t have to spend bucks to subscribe to expensive platforms like amazon prime and Netflix. The portal has the option to subscribe, but you can still watch cartoons and animes without any registration.

Categories present on watch cartoon online

The tv shows, anime, movies, and series are present on watchcartoononline for kids and adults. The video streaming website has sections of 5 major groups, which are categorized as follow:

  1. Animated movies
  2. Anime with subtitles
  3. Old and newly released cartoons
  4. Ova series
  5. Dubbed anime

How to download videos from watchcartoonsonline?

The videos are straightforward to download on watchcartoononline.com

All you have to do is follow five easy steps to download the video.

  • Go to the website and search for the anime you want to watch.
  • Paste the link to your desired movie, show, or cartoon
  • Download any video sniffer tools.
  • Copy-paste the URL in the video sniffer tool. You can also visit Visit 9xbuddy.com as this tool is free of cost and does not require any registration.
  • Click on enter to download the video. Your downloading speed will depend on your Internet connection. Once your video has been downloaded, open it and enjoy the movie.

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Classes currently streaming on watchcartoononline

1. Motion

Motion cartoons are already a hugely popular class loved by everyone worldwide. Motion graphics are designed with text to better understand and depth the story through compelling copy graphics and music. You can easily find motion Cartoons like metropolitan and blazer war on this website.

2. Comedy

The first step towards entertainment is a comedy, and cartoons are boring without humor.so people of all ages can find some comedy clips and cartoons on watchcartoononline. Comics like tom and jerry and scobbydobby are present on this platform so you can relax and cherish your day with your loved ones.

3. Sci-fi and horror

Adults love to watch scary movies, and the animated version makes it even more fascinating. If you are a fan of horror and science fiction animated cartoons, you watch all the scary shows here like ayakashu, Gregory horror, dexter’s laboratory, etc.

4. Animation

Animated cartoons attract humans as they are visually appealing and loved, childhood aged because of their colors and ultimate graphics. At watchcartoononline you can find thousands of cartoon series ranging from old classics such as Tonnie toons and scooby do to new ones like Elsa and the Oggy and the cockroaches.

5. Cartoons for ages 3-7

Kids ages 3-7 are in their growing phase, so cartoons play an essential role in their mind’s development. The right choice of cartoon and animated stories helps to teach your kid ethics and moral values.so if any parent is looking for the best cartoon options, you can easily find them in youngster class such as dragon tails, Powerpuff girls, Bob the builder and dexter’s laboratory, etc.

6. Journey

The class of journey cartoons is also available on this platform. Movies like The Lion King and Bigfoot can discover motion pictures to see stunning fantasy places immensely.

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Watchcartoononline apk version


Watchcartoononline is not available on the play store due to piracy issues, but watchcartoononline has an apk version that offers a complete, user-friendly experience to the viewers. It has a wide range of animes, cartoons and movies, and the latest cartoon shows, which allows both android and ios users to enjoy their favorite cartoons from their busy lifestyle. the downloading of this app is pretty simple

You can download the apk version by visiting watchcartoononlinbe. Tv and following the steps.


  1. What to do if watching cartoons online is banned in your country?

Due to piracy reasons, websites like watchcartoononline are banned in different countries but don’t worry; technology comics have covered you. Just install VPN to get access to this website.

  1. Is WatchCartoonOnline illegal?

Yes, this portal is legal because it uploads the videos right after their release; makers have to bear the loss.

  1. What is the new website URL of watchcartoononline?

Watchcartoononline has many fake URLs, but we have gathered some original websites. A few are listed below:

Watchcartoononline. bz


Due to piracy policies, Watchcartoononline is constantly updating its URL. Wcostream has become the official name of watchcartoononline, making it more widespread.

  1. Does watchcartoononline have an app?

Yes, watchcartoonsonline has a mobile-friendly application. You can download the apk version from their website easily. Mobile apps are the most straightforward way to watch movies. Other platforms like Netflix and amazon are loved by people worldwide because of their non-lagging applications.

Top 5 alternatives of watchcartoononline

1.  Youtube


The best legal alternative to watch cartoons online is the king of all videos known as youtube. The popular video streaming platform is there. All you need is a stable internet connection to browse your videos. Moreover, the usage of youtube is not complex. You won’t have to wait for long to see your favorite cartoon.

In youtube’s search bar, type the name of the anime you want, and you will see the results. Not only that, but youtube is known for showing relevant results in your category to have other suggestions.

YouTube has an advantage over other video hosting sites because it has a kid’s version explicitly designed for kids in 2015. Youtube kids have also developed, providing a childhood safe and secure environment for kids and preventing them from watching inappropriate video content.

YouTube offers HD quality videos and gives visitors the option to Like, Dislike, and Comment on the video to get an idea about the reviews.

2. Toonjet

Watch your favorite old cartoons such as Popeye, looney toonie, bugs bunny, Oswald, etc., because cartoon jet offers a smooth and user-friendly interface. Also, you won’t see unnecessary popup ads on their website. Videos always load fast, and the website runs smoothly. You don’t have to create an account to watch cartoons. Toonjet has a blog section to read about the top-rated animation films.

If you enjoy giving feedback, you can enable some other features on their website. These features include rating, likes, a live streaming option, and a feedback loop for all viewers. On the right corner of the platform’s videos, there is an option to speed up the video so you can watch cartoons fast and in HD quality.

3. KissAnime


Kissanime is a great portal to watch cartoons online. The website has recently updated its interface to be user-friendly for both mobile and pcs. There are different genres of anime movies and show available on their website.

Users are satisfied with the video and sound quality and the dubbed versions make this portal more popular among the viewers. The old and newly released anime are present in the database so that you can have the ultimate viewing experience for all time.

4. Super cartoons

Super cartoons
Super cartoons

If you want your kids to enjoy your childhood, there is no better place than a super cartoon. It has an extensive collection of pogo and cartoon network series like Donald duck, tom and jerry, pink panther, Tweety, and loony tunes. Sounds so nostalgic, right! The old cartoons used to be much more entertaining than the new ones.

So this place is great to give good stuff to your child.

The website has a very convenient interface, and even your kids can navigate quickly to watch the awesome collection of cartoons on their own. If you are looking for entertainment with your family and want to return to your childhood, we recommend visiting super cartoons.

5. Kisscartoon


Kisscartoon is an excellent website for streaming cartoons online, with many animated series, movies, and cartoon shows. On Kisscartoons, you will be able to find your favorite anime from US and Japan as well. Kisscartoons does not have its server, but multiple third-party websites host its content.

You can watch over 5000 cartoons in this portal, including shows such as Scooby-Doo, Gravity Falls, Justice League, and Family Guy, etc. An exciting feature of this website is that it also uploads trailers for forthcoming movies and shows.


We have reviewed watchcartoononline for you in this article, and we hope you will utilize this service to watch cartoons free of charge in your boredom. You may also visit some other sites to watch anime as per your preference.


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