Tilzmart- a one-stop solution for all your grocery needs.

It is the age and times of technology and social media. Internet has made everything closer. It is the era of Wi-Fi and people have short-temper and less attention span where they want to have everything quick and don’t want to wait either. Whether its online shopping or purchasing from websites; it has all become easy these days.

We are a hub of all things nice and useful.

Sitting in the comfort of your home, you can add various products in your cart now. Whether its homeware, for kids, confectionary, toys and garden; we are a one-stop destination for your needs and requirements.

We are a multi-channel retailer and have everything under one roof. We have assortment of all the products at jaw-dropping prices. Ultimate products are lined up to see for yourself and choose according to your specifications.

Prices are an important factor in deciding whether you want to purchase or not. Comparatively, in the market we have low prices which leads to customer coming back to us again and again. They also refer to their family and friends as they appreciate the grocery items and other products.

In 2022, There are many pros that e-commerce shopping provides:

-just add in the cart

-pay online sitting in the comfort of your own home

-100 times better experience vis.a.vis. physical store

-option of return and refund available

-variety is the spice of life and there are options and choices

-choose according to your own convenience and do mobile shopping

-leave feedback and come back again for better experience.

Talented and expert staff at your service

We have staff that is expert and talented. We never boast, but we follow professionalism that makes us stand tall among our other competitors. We have an advantage and edge over others as our collection just stands out in comparison to other supermarkets. Above all, cleanliness plays an important role for us and we keep in mind everything is spick and span.

Ease of online shopping from Tilzmart is such that with few clicks you can do shopping from home. There is not enough of a process, you just have to buy and add in the wishlist and carts.

Groceries and chocolates section

Chocolate is one unique product/item that is adored and cherished by all. We have different chocolate gift sets that you will keep coming back again and again to buy them. We all have ideas to impress our loved ones and this is the best gift that one can offer to their near and dear ones.

Hampers and Gift sets

Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary or some special occasion for you or your loved one, we cater to all by offering some unique gift sets. You make memories with your beloved with these memorable gifts and hampers.

Father’s day: Father is the backbone of family. He is the one responsible for the happiness of others why not make him happy on this very special day. Gift your father any keyring or customized mug and make him feel important.

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Mother’s day:  Mother is always special and special ones need your care and warmth. With Tilzmart products and shopping you can lean on various gifts from our collection and surprise your loved ones. Mother is an inseparable part and to make memorable moments with her; you just require a click of a mouse.

Sister’s day: Sister is like a fun element to your life. You need something as unique as her, as she is always naughty. She is the powerhouse of energy, she is the mischief creator, she is ultimate go-to person. To make her day and to make her feel special- you need the gifts from special hub i.e. Tilzmart.

Birthdays: Birthdays are a special moments and calls for much celebrations. It is not just another day but a long list of activities are planned for that particular day. We leave no stone unturned to surprise the person whose birthday it is and Tilzmart have various options and products to gift the loved one.

Anniversaries: It is a bond of togetherness, love and magic that binds two souls together for a long time. They are in joy and which needs a stamp in the form of gifts or anything special that you can think of for your beloved.  At the end of the day, Tilzmart has many products which satisfies one’s requirements.

Toys and baby: baby’s products are easy to find in our website. You just have to go to main section, and then add in cart. And feed your address. We take care of kids specifications and requirements and have products in line according to that only.

Sports and fitness: Sportsgear and fitness products like mat and dumbles are added in the sales list. Health is wealth; which we totally agree to and make every imaginable effort. We go extra mile and grind in each way possible that we create and provide customers the way they desire any service to be.

Home and garden:  homeware and different utility products are available at reasonable prices. There are pros of online shopping that you don’t have the hassle of going to the store and scrolling your product as it is not brick and mortar… rather it is a virtual store and one can have access to everything in few minutes.


They offer fast delivery and staff is good at communication. I am really very happy with services provided.

The packaging is great,and they also provide quick delivery.

They give discounts too on MRP which is like an added bonus.

It makes my day when I sit in pyjamas or on couch and surf the internet while scrolling Tilzmart products.

The staff is much professional, they are much appreciated. They are all led by managers who guide them well. Products are organized in the store which makes it easy to buy.

Tilzmart is one of the best e-commerce platform available for online shopping. It has in store anything and everything that a customer needs and wants.

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