TAU | An Imaginative Artist who mixes his thoughts into his paintings

The art of painting requires skill, as well as creativity and imagination. This is why not everyone who can paint can become an artist. Every creation an artist makes has a thought and message instilled within it. Art is often used to spread special messages, and in fact, history has witnessed art causing revolutions. 

One such artist that is taking the lead nowadays with his imaginative artwork is TAU. As an artist, he uses styles such as cubism, abstract, and impressionism, but his unique personality, perception of life, and depiction of reality make him stand apart from other artists. 

TAU is a stage name that the Cubism-abstract painter took on due to his fascination with astronomy. Basically, TAU is a blue star found in the constellation Scorpio with a luminosity 1350 times that of the sun. If an artist is putting so much thought into the name that he selects for himself, imagine how much effort he is going to place into his artwork! Talking about his stage name, the artist shares, “I adopted this name because it represents me as a person and as an artist.”

The Cubism-abstract painter is so connected to his creations mainly because he grew up as an introvert and only found solace in drawing. He often tuned himself out from the world and merged with his notebook to sketch his thoughts and feelings. According to TAU, being an introvert also gave rise to some turbulent feelings, which he expressed through his art. Hence, his paintings often reveals the peace within him, as well as the complexity.

As far as his art is concerned, TAU reveals, “Most of my works come from pain, excitement, and from being different from others. As a child, I grew up differently, and I didn’t communicate well with the social society. Today, I love this difference and appreciate its truth.”

TAU is of the view that his work is often surreal because of the awareness he has of himself and his motives. Instead of being tormented by the past, he has accepted it and has learned how to utilize his experiences to channel his inner strength. “In life off the canvas, regret used to be a significant part of my life,” he shares. “But not anymore. When I paint, I am not limited by ideas or thoughts. Nor do I have any regrets.”

When it comes to the technical aspects of the paintings TAU believes the more you practice, the better you become – especially if you have innate talent. This advice is a must to follow since this talented artist never went to art school, and yet he has excelled in Cubism-abstract art by practicing and learning. “I worked long hours and countless nights of silence with the brush. I barely slept,” says TAU. “I gave up almost all of my social outings because this was my dream. I can give up everything to live my dream.”

Apart from practicing art, TAU also believes it is critical to brush up on your imagination to create something exemplary. This can be achieved by reading books, watching critically acclaimed movies, reliving old memories, as well as being optimistic. “First of all, love yourself, love the minuses and the pluses alike,” TAU advises. “After that, I would recommend listening to yourself without ego and preconceptions, what you love to do the most and how you want to be remembered. With self-belief, you can make your dreams come true,” he asserts.

As for TAU’s purpose in life, he shares that his mission is to be recognized as an artist and painter who spreads positivity and inspires people. The legacy he wants to leave behind is to create work that makes people think. On a parting not TAU says, “My passion is to understand relationships, human psychology, the female and male body, erotica, science and space, science and faith, the spiritual universe, the physical universe, the meanings of time and fateful philosophical questions.”

If you are searching for a distinctive approach to life, you must check out TAU’s artwork and experience the array of emotions instilled within his paintings.

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