SkyRohket Upcoming Music Artist

By: Charles Zerf, SkyRohket is a 15 year old artist from Rockwall, Texas and has a very distinguished sound for his age. He started his music career in late December 2020. His top streamed song is “Lonely ft Rockstar Von” via Soundcloud. Recently his manager Clothes of Crescent and or Jemaurie Beneche picked him up on June 10th and will be the main artist for the soon to be “CRESCENT” music label.

SkyRohket is also featured on TheHxliday’s most recent project “FOREVERPUNK.” on track 3 titled “LET HER GO++”. He is working on 2 projects at the moment one is called “The Winning Team” and the best description for that project is pretty much just expressing his success he has accomplished thus far. The second project is more mellow and or sad vibe and the name is “Fatal Attraction”. Thankfully i was able to get in contact with his manager to ask a few questions about SkyRohket.

First question i asked was “How did you find SkyRohket?” and he replied saying “Its kind of crazy, but i was in one of TheHxliday’s Discord servers and he randomly joined sharing his screen, so i joined and he was recording a remix to a song and his vocals were just amazing and you know i started asking questions like who he was and what not laughs then this dude tells me he was 15 and i was shocked so then after that i dm him and we chopped it up and the rest is history man”.

SkyRohket’s main goal is to try and spread positivity, but also deliver a message in his music to the people going through the same things as him. Make sure to check out his recent single “Graduate” on Soundcloud and follow him on Instagram @Skyrohket.

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