Sher Kumbher a Music Influencer

Sher Muhammad, popularly known as Sher Kumbher, is a Pakistani Music Personality & an Author based in Sindh, Pakistan.

Sher Muhammad popularly known as Sher Kumbher is a Pakistani musician. He belongs to Kumbhar Community. He is the son of renowned Journalist, Yar Muhammad Kumbher.

Sher was born on 29 August 1996 into a Muslim family in Khipro, Sindh. He received his initial training from his Ustads, 

As a child, he had little interest in music. His grandfather Late Haji Muhammad Rahim was among the first to note his musical talents, and for some time train him. However, he received his main training from his Ustads, initially at his house. A strict disciplinarian, Ustad would insist on voice training from four in the morning, and make Sher practice one note of the scale for hours on end. A whole day would be spent practicing just a single note. It was not until he was 14 that Sher began to truly enjoy his musical training.

In December 2020, Sher Kumbher collaborated with artists such as Khair Muhammad Kumbher to fuse Pakistani Classical Harmonium with Hardcore-Metal. Though it was just an experimental track, it got a huge response from the audience. The track’s name is “Loneliness In Dark” which also got nominated for Music Awards 2021.

Sher started performing professionally in various concerts in the year 2010. He played his international debut concert at Nahana University, Taiwan in 2020. He has played solo concerts at various prestigious venues in Pakistan and also accompanied, in his various concerts.

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