Ruth Isabella Peters: One Talent, Many Facets

You might have come across her outstanding poetry or one of her public speaking appearances on mental health. But there is another side of poetry talent Ruth Isabella Peters that most people are not aware of.

Born and raised in a small town in Germany of Nigerian immigrants, she has faced racism and discrimination throughout her life. “My parents moved in the 90s to Germany. That was a very different time.” After bad grades and an unsuccessful attempt of studying Business at a university in Germany, she took a leap of faith and moved to London. There, she studied Criminology and Psychology, graduated with a First degree and moved on to travel for a year before resuming her masters in Intelligence and International Security at the renowned King’s College where nobel prize winner Desmond Tutu is an alumni.

“Like for almost everyone, lockdown was a defining time for me. I lost my job and reflected a lot. My conclusion in isolation was that I had to live for the things I love and stop living for financial security.”

Peters took it upon herself and pursued her passion for writing and fashion. With no formal experience, she got a junior role at Farfetch and worked her way up.

“My life in Germany has shaped me so much. I find myself standing up for people who are less privileged because I know how it is to be poor. I stand up for the outsiders of society because I’ve been doomed as an outsider based on the color of my skin. I speak up because I didn’t have anyone to speak up for me when I couldn’t.”

The author and editor has used her writing talent to write editorials within Farfetch and other platforms. She explains that Fashion is a form of expression, which she has been drawn to from a tender age. Her zeal for change shows in the way she speaks about her work. It’s almost a form of activism behind the scenes.

Ruth Isabella Peters shows me a presentation sample of when she is asked to host inclusive writing workshops and teachings about the importance of inclusive language. Gender-neutral and ethnically correct words in articles or marketing campaigns are highlighted. Amongst writing guides for brands such as Balenciaga and Off-White.

Ruth Isabella Peters
Ruth Isabella Peters

Interestingly, her work doesn’t stop here. Ruth Isabella Peters has been frequently in Africa to create more visibility for African designers. Her goal is to give talents a global voice. Unsurprisingly, as I see how everything ties together. When I asked how she juggles poetry, her work as an editor and liason she replied: “Why do we have to limit ourselves to one job description, if we can use our talents in multiple ways?”

The author is launching her first debut collection titled ‘A Heart of Glass’ in November 2022.


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