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Picture Perfect: In conversation with a rising star – QUYNSTAR

For many people, age and experience are essential to achieve success, while for others, those with no educational background cannot succeed. Quindarius Bishop, more popularly known as QUYNSTAR, is one man who has singlehandedly proved that these beliefs are nothing but socially constructed concepts. All you truly need to acquire success is passion, determination and confidence.

This 21-year-old is not only a famous influencer but also a public speaker and thought leader who is playing a crucial role in changing the world. He is also the founder of, a website that aids businesses in developing content strategies. QUYNSTAR has achieved all this and more, even without any formal education.  

Though many people in their 20s are focused on having fun, finding love, and landing a good job in the future, QUYNSTAR has risen as an example for his generation. Based in Columbia, the public figure has emerged prominent in dealing with controversies and building people up from scratch. If you want to make something out of yourself, all you need is the assistance of QUYNSTAR. 

This is because he is a creative individual who is passionate about pushing forth unique content. Most importantly, he actually cares about society and how it is progressing. According to QUYNSTAR, the platform helps entrepreneurs and businesses achieve their goals. Businesses are aided to effectively interact with their partners so they can develop engaging and creative content for their customers. “The digital world has transformed every aspect of life,” QUYNSTAR says. “So many businesses are yet to understand that it is no longer easy to get your product noticed. This is where I step in,” he adds.

QUYNSTAR has managed to earn a large following and stands out from the rest of the influencers because every piece of advice he provides is based on his own experiences. He, too, has faced tough times and rejection. The hardest struggle for him was to face his own fears, including self-doubt, comparison, and the fear of the unknown. However, he pushed through and defeated all his inner demons in order to be successful.

This is why the lesson he preaches revolves around evolving one’s mindset. “Our mindset plays a noteworthy role in determining life’s outcomes,” states QUYNSTAR. “If you decide to give up and take on the mindset of a victim, you will always be a victim. But if you take up hard work and persistence, it will be hard for the world to defeat you.”

This rising star also believes that focusing on yourself and letting go of all the negativities can help motivate you. All you need is a clear vision and a positive mindset. As far as peer pressure is concerned, QUYNSTAR says it is something we must accept. Let’s face it, we meet hundreds of people throughout our lives, and we are bound to be pressured by some of the people around us. The only way to combat peer pressure is to remain confident in your own decision and not pay heed to those around us. “My only tip to kids is to never give up and embrace themselves for who they are,” he shares. “It is also very important to be punctual, learn logistics, and keep their eyes open at the beginning of their careers.”

Moreover, QUYNSTAR says that the younger generation needs to set boundaries and build up their communication skills. This is necessary so that people aren’t overworked or exploited. On the other hand, communication skills will guide everyone to be assertive without being offensive. “Apart from having a high IQ, businesses now require individuals with a high EQ, too. Clear communication will help you interact with colleagues, bosses, and clients effectively,” QUYNSTAR concludes.

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