Pavlok Net Worth

Pavlok is a company that produces a wearable device designed to help users break bad habits and form new, healthy ones. The device, also called Pavlok, delivers a small electric shock to the wearer as a way to discourage them from engaging in a certain behavior. The company was founded by Maneesh Sethi in 2013 and is based in Massachusetts.

The Pavlok device can be used to help users quit smoking, reduce cravings for food, break phone addiction and many other habits. Users can set the device to deliver a shock at specific times or when they sense they are about to engage in a bad habit. Users can also track their progress and set goals using the Pavlok app.

Pavlok Net Worth

As for the Pavlok’s net worth, it is not publicly available as it is a private company and it is not traded publicly, also the company’s financial performance is not disclosed publicly. However, it is considered a small company and as of 2021, it is difficult to determine an exact net worth without access to the company’s financial statements.

Some sources suggests that Pavlok net worth is more than $2 million.

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