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Monte Williams shares what is needed to become successful

Monte Williams is a leadership coach, business practitioner, public speaker, and founder of ALEU | The Leadership Development Company. He established his company with the mission of helping people lead themselves more effectively so they can add the most value to their environment. Throughout his 15+ year career, he has built multiple high-performing teams, mentored countless employees at various levels, and generated millions in revenue. Monte engages and empowers the world’s best leaders to unlock their potential and deliver best-in-class experiences through every touchpoint of the customer journey while consistently identifying new ways to create efficiencies at scale in a sustainable way.

Though Monte Williams has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Religion, he also holds his Master’s in Business Administration. Moreover, he studied to become an executive coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Speaking about his role as a leadership coach, Monte Williams shares, “It is the best way to fulfill my purpose in life which is to add value to the lives of others. The way I choose to add that value is by helping others to lead themselves in a more effective way so they can benefit their circumstances at maximum potential.”

When it comes to leadership, it is not a privilege for a select few. Anyone can learn to be a leader and develop leadership qualities. It just depends on their willingness to work hard and push themselves beyond their limits. However, some basic qualities that make a person a great leader include courage, agility, resilience, integrity, and discipline. With a combination of these traits or adopting a few, anyone can get on the track to becoming a successful leader. As Monte Williams puts it eloquently, “Leadership is a journey where the destination is best defined by the traveler and everything we need to reach our destination has already been given to us through the experiences of one another.”

There is more to Monte Williams than meets the eye! Due to his insights into human psychology and nature, as well as his grasp of the skill of creating leaders, he has been invited to TEDx Talks twice. His latest TEDx Talk titled, Always Show I.D. | How to Create the Identity of Success, received much appreciation and was watched thousands of times on YouTube. The talk focuses on establishing a good relationship with yourself in order to become successful. 

Apart from that, it highlights areas from our day-to-day lives that we hardly pay attention to, which affects our confidence to try something new. Moreover, minor commitments that we make to ourselves but never tend to follow also have an impact on our self-esteem. Similarly, when it comes to bigger decisions in life we are unable to make them. For instance, someone who wants to lose weight, learn to play the guitar, or play a sport but doesn’t do any of the above would have more difficulty in starting out a new business or planning something fresh. 

One thing is sure that we take ourselves for granted and that’s the biggest block in creating a relationship with ourselves that would eventually yield success. Monte Williams’s TEDx Talk is extremely inspiring for everyone struggling in their lives to establish and maintain a balance in relationships, both personal and professional. 

This dynamic public speaker is a firm believer in the potential of human capacity. “I believe that every problem in the world can be solved through investing in people. I am always willing to make that investment through which I help them to lead themselves in a more effective way,” Monte states. “If you are willing to be happy with yourself, honor the commitments you make to yourself and be willing to improve yourself, then nothing can stop you from reaching heights in whichever field you may like. This is how I Inspire passion,” he adds.

Another important aspect of achieving your dreams is not to be afraid of making mistakes and getting uncomfortable in tough circumstances. Nothing meaningful in life has ever been achieved without making mistakes and learning how to thrive in being uncomfortable. Making mistakes is a testament to the fact that you tried. Success or failure is a result of that effort. If you succeed, you will be happy about trying and if not, then you will learn valuable lessons that will help you in all your future endeavors and prospects. 

As a thought leader, he has been featured in various publications like Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune, American Express Business Class, CEO Today, and many more.

Monte Williams is a driven and ambitious leader who thrives on changing peoples’ lives by showing them that they are far more capable than they give themselves credit for. He has helped numerous individuals, companies, and teams get better and increase their revenues by altering their mindsets and helping them implement self-belief and confidence!

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