Misty Blanco’s “Revenge is Not An Option”, heats up as actress “Asia Niema” playing the character of “Stacey”, plots on getting Ex-boyfriend “Seven” back by blaming a child on him!

Seven has a lot to deal with in episodic series “Revenge Is not An Option”. Between a jealous friend name Meech played by “Gerard Smith”, to a crazy and deranged ex- girlfriend named “Stacey” played by “Asia Niema”. This week in the diary of the new girlfriend “Samira” we meet “Seven’s ex and boy does she take us on an interesting ride of a juicy plots of betrayal done right under “Seven’s” nose. “Stacey Lawerance” is a villain we all are learning to hate and love at the same time. Stacey shows the many faces of women who leave when the chips are down. Then soon as they move on with another interest all he’ll breaks loose.

Stacey revealed she will be blaming her son on Seven however she slept with 2 people Seven seems to know and were tight with. Stacey is surely brewing up spice on this series “Revenge Is Not An Option.” Has anyone seen Meech? Who is coming to to see Misty Blanco on September 27th, 2022? Is it Stacey as she said she will be popping up for dinner? Misty Blanco also introduced us to a new brand called “Puff Petals”, which will be the character smoking brand and signature. Things are truly spicing up as as the pages in the pages of Samira’s diary turn called “Revenge Is Not An Option”, written by Misty Blanco The Blaquanese. Casting for “Revenge Is Not An Option” begins October of 2022. For all publicity regarding “Revenge Is Not An Option”, please contact The Misty TV Firm Corporation via Email: themistytvfirm@yahoo.com

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