Misty Blanco introduces Asia Niema as character “Stacey” the Ex-girlfriend to kingpin Seven in “Revenge Is Not An Option” and she isn’t a villain you want to mess with!

Things are spicing up as as the pages in “Revenge Is Not An Option”, “Stacey” from the episodic television series pops up again yet this time she is coming with a vengeance, as she expresses her reasons for wanting her ex boyfriend “Seven”, who will he played by Terrance Baker known as “Dat Damn Indian Boy”, back.

It was a chilling sight to see when the character “Stacey” reveal her plans for revenge to get her ex-boyfriend “Seven” back. In a interesting twist she plans on blaming a child on Seven to gain his affection back, plus “Stacey” had sex with Meech Spider, wow Stacey! This raised eyebrows when she spoke of her plot, as many viewers have tuned in stating that “Stacey”, is trifling for her antics, and needs to leave “Seven” (Terrance Baker) and his new girlfriend “Samira” (Misty Blanco) alone, do you agree as the saga continues on “Revenge Is Not An Option?” As the plot thickens we further find out that “Stacey”, has been ploting with Seven’s best friend “Meech”, played by actor Gerard Smith, to take his empire down.

Which brings up another interesting topic how many relationships have been rekindled off of false babies? How many friends do you have that will sleep with your mate and still smile in your faces? “Revenge Is Not An Option” is shedding a gorey light on the hidden truth how break-ups can cause a sick and twisted plot of events one that can drive a person insane. “Stacey”, is jealousy for new girlfriend “Samira” which brings another huge question, how many women are crazy enough to beak up happy homes, and go to the extremes? Samira is a different type of lady she is smooth and graceful and very lady like as she smoke on her “Rose Cones”, presented by “Puff Petals”, in “Revenge Is Nof An Option”.

We can all see Seven really has a crazy ex on his hands named “Stacey”, what will happen next? Plus where is Meech in all the chaos? And who is coming to visit “Samira”, in the next couple of days? Will it be Stacey? Because she did say she’s coming for dinner! Casting for “Revenge Is Not An Option” begins October of 2022. For all publicity regarding “Revenge Is Not An Option”, please contact The Misty TV Firm Corporation via Email: themistytvfirm@yahoo.com

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