Mint Pass by sells out instantly, becomes most traded NFT on OpenSea with 3,772 single trades in 24 hours – grants early access to Paper Chaserz & Paper Boyz NFT says Founder Josh King Madrid

Main Points

  • The The Mint Pass – On July 2, almost immediately after going on sale, the NFT collection was sold out.
  • The project received 38K allowlist applications and more than 50,000 discord members at the time of launch. It had 5,000 NFTs in the collection with a free mint allowing early access to Paper Boyz NFT, Paper Chaserz NFT, and more.
  • With over 3,750 individual trades in the first day after the NFTMag Pass sold out, it became the most actively traded NFT ever on open seas.
  • As the mint date for Paper Chaserz NFT & Paper Boyz NFT draws closer, the floor price has been nearly doubling every day since.

Within minutes of its public release, the entire Mint Pass by NFT collection from the Paper Boyz NFT collection was sold out.

The NFT holders will receive exclusive advantages for owning multiple NFTMag mint passes, as well as early access to all upcoming NFT drops from

The collection’s floor is currently 0.01 ETH and has nearly doubled daily since launch as of the time of this writing. Numerous members of the Paper Boyz NFT community are minting dozens in a “whale” competition designed by the community to acquire 100 NFTMag Passes. Due to the long-term advantages of getting first access to all future NFT drops from the rapidly expanding company,, holders are confident that the value will rise.

Over 2,400 NFT enthusiasts joined in live to hear the founders of both projects, Josh King Madrid, Joey Sendz, TheBlondeJon, Ali Haseeb, and Shawn Virani, discuss their future plans for their projects on the Paper Boyz Twitter Megaspace, which was hosted hours before the mint in collaboration with Goat Society NFT and numerous other NFT projects.

Along with Paper Boyz NFT, the founders of several other projects banded together to give away over $3,000 in giveaways live on Twitter, with the prizes being ETH, VR Oculus Quest, Ledger Nanos, skateboards, and Apple Watches.

Last Points

  • Members of the rapidly expanding Paper Boyz NFT community are getting ready for the upcoming Paper Chaserz mint and Paper Boyz by mint dates.
  • This coming week, Paper Boyz and Paper Chaserz are anticipated to sell out in a flash.
  • Paper Boyz NFT price is TBD but is estimated by their community to be between 1-3 ETH considering the value of each NFT has $3,650+ of real-world value. Paper Chaserz is a free mint, and having an NFTMag mint pass will give you first dibs on minting.


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