M.V.B Films’ Vol 4 “Green Height Point” Directed By Meosha Bean

Director Meosha Bean is back with her last installment of Horror Anthology by  M.V.B Films. It’s titled “Green Height Point” Set to hit the film festival makert later 2022. Meosha said in an interview, “her style of approach when making this film was inspired by the great Alfred Hitchcock and Jordan Peele”. “This film will take you on an exhilarating journey about love, loss and lies”.

She is bringing in talented actors on board, such as Jerrel O’ Neal who stars in the thriller feature, Phels High 2022. Starring along side Omari Hardwick from the hit tv show Ghost. This project also  stars Kaye Williams, Shan Moreno, Bradford Wilson, Kris Yousif, Kenneth D Tran and Darren Mancini. We can’t wait.

About Meosha :


Meosha Bean is an award-winning actress and filmmaker voted as Best Upcoming Director at the New Jersey Film Festival 2012. Best thriller at Los Anegeles 2017 film fest. Winner of best action and best fight choreography at Oniros Film Awards. Best action film at Instanbul film Awards 2020. The founder of M.V.B Films (est. 2003), her projects include The Untold Story of  Mariano Mendoza documentary on all digital platforms, inculduing Tubi Tv. Anatomy of An Antihero Redemption directed by Meosha Bean, which stars Alan Delabie, Eric Roberts and Merrick McCartha which is available on DVD Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Appeared in the Shudder’s hit documentary. Horror Noire History Of Black Horror. Directed by Xavier Burgin. Starring Jordan Peele, Rachel True, Tony Todd and more.

She has also garnered micro influence level following on YouTube, Instagram and other social media sites. This powerhouse is making things happen on her own terms.

For Updates About The Film :

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