League of Legends MMR secrets revealed by a Twitch streamer

Among the most played games on Twitch, League of Legends managed to climb to the top of the rankings during its creation, vaguely overtaken by FortNite in 2018.

This game created by the company Riot Games is a free-to-play PvP promoting team competitions of 5 players against 5 with a number of substitutes limited to 1.

In professional teams, we very often find big names like the famous Fnatic, Vitality or GAM esports. But also players known for their solitaire skills like Faker South Korean player known for his particularly high level at middlane.

In short, League of Legends creates a lot of interest in the field of gaming and has a very large place in that of e-sport.

In addition to attracting many players, League of Legends also attracts “bad players” despite themselves. These are capable of anything to reach their end, that of climbing to the top of the game’s ranking. Among the many cheating possibilities, some methods allow, for example, to see the attack range of an enemy or an object in play, or even allow him to play like a bot, for example, to never get hit by an enemy. As you can imagine, that’s not counting Riot Games’ experience in countering this kind of cheating that has many algorithms to detect this kind of cheating, players

In the majority of cases, we will obtain a ban for life without the possibility of unbanning, which strongly deters more than one.

But a more sneaky and discreet method seems to particularly work and stand out from the others in this new season: That of manipulating your mmr in game.

According to the my mmr site specializing in the field, mmr is a score system hidden by League of Legends allowing a player to be classified according to their personal level.

This will for example allow him to obtain more or less points during the victory or the defeat of one of your games, it aims to balance the games between players, a method that can be found, for example, in chess games.

Cheaters will therefore arrange for their mmr to remain high while their skills themselves do not allow them. The streamer “THEBAUSFFS” will therefore alert the League of Legends community to this kind of practice and educate them on this subject in order to inform its subscribers and help Riot Games counter this kind of maneuver, the streamer emphasizes that this is a “loophole” that goes against riot’s rules and in no way encourages players to practice this kind of cheating under penalty of temporary banishment or final, not to mention the non-fair play aspect of this practice.

According to THEBAUSFFS, this technique begins to become problematic when leveling higher like that of the Master, because that is when a player is considered to have professional status.

You need 2 conditions to boost your mmr, that of winning the first 2 games during the soundtrack thanks to an accomplice with a high level in play and then leaving the next game.

Quitting a game will only lose 3 points, while a defeat can generally cause you to lose between 13 and 25 points. Leaving a game will not affect the mmr in any way, which will allow its players to stagnate in a high position and therefore continue their next game with certainly huge points gains.

Unfortunately, this kind of practice is not reserved for riot, cheating is a known means of achieving an end whether in video games or even IRL life…

On the other hand, what the League of Legends community can do is educate players that this kind of method is punishable by banishment and goes against the very spirit of the game. video games and especially e-sports.


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