Ilir Hajrizi is always looking for football and boxing talents

Ilir Hajrizi, one of the biggest organizers of sports tournaments such as boxing and football.

Who is behind the organization of so many sports tournaments like football and boxing in Germany and further on?

Manager Hajrizi has organized boxing matches in Germany, Kosovo and Albania and he continues to organize matches even nowadays.

Additionally, he is dedicated to managing new football players and he is always interested in finding new talents from all over the world as well.

Mister Hajrizi’s main target is to get as many young people interested and dedicated to sports in order to keep them away from ways that could affect their lives negatively.

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He and his management will soon visit some different countries in order to find new talents for both fields – football and boxing.

Of course it is Ilir Hajrizi, a very important person and one of the most successful managers in Germany, also known under the pseudonym ‘Iliryan’.

He is known for his success. He always had one goal and he will always have it – the support of young sportspersons

He is tireless and with great dedication to sports, especially in these two specific fields, he is always ready and open for new and different sportspersons.

Whoever wants to stay updated of the next steps and organizations or of who joined Ilirs team, can follow him on his personal social media account @ilir_yan or on his work account @iliryansportmanagement.

You can also visit his homepage: www.i-sportmanagement.com.

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