Honor X8: Huge Screen, NFC, Budget Price

Smartphones are growing: we laughed at 5.5-inch “shovels”, but already 6.5 inches is not a sentence. This is the display diagonal of the new Honor 8X. A glass smartphone with NFC and a price tag below 20 thousand rubles. We figure out whether phone honor x8 will become a popular favorite, or there are cooler options.

Flagship design. Details could have been better

The fashion for glass cases has reached the Honor X-line. Looks catchy: 15-layer coating shimmers in the light, a solid stripe runs along the edge. Someone will not like such an excess of gloss, before buying it is worth twisting the device in your hands.

The red version looks especially aggressive. Blue has already become Honor’s “calling card”, and black will suit lovers of the classics. Although keep in mind that prints on it are visible better. The smartphone is huge and the chance to drop it is also considerable, you have to hide it in a case – and there you can’t see any prints or colors.

The Honor 8X is almost the same size as the iPhone XS Max. However, the Chinese introduced their device before Apple, just 8X just got to Russia. The width of 76.6 mm is a lot. Using one hand is inconvenient, but real, just keep the other hand ready. But relatively light: 175 g.

There is also a face unlock in the gadget:

It is a little slower, and often does not recognize in the dark, but it is more than suitable for safety net (gloved hands, for example).

Large screen: ideal for games and movies

Remember 7-inch tablets? Smartphones are close to them. At the same time, Honor 8X fits into a jeans pocket thanks to thin bezels and an elongated screen.

The display occupies 91% of the front panel:

The display resolution is 2340×1080 pixels, the aspect ratio is 19.5:9. In our sample, the white balance “went” a little too cold shades, foreign colleagues also write about this. You notice this only in comparison with other models, for especially sensitive ones there are manual settings.

The brightness is average: indoors and in the shade everything is visible, under the sun – with difficulty.

The camera is saved by artificial intelligence

The main module has two cameras: 20 megapixel and 2 megapixel, the second helps when shooting portraits with blur. In good light, the Honor 8X produces average quality: the pictures are bright, the detail is high – they work out all 20 megapixels, but there is not enough dynamic range. In the dark, the quality drops sharply: low detail, problems with sharpness.

Regular Photo Ai Mode

In the “Night” mode, the smartphone shoots with a 4-second shutter speed, while a tripod is not required. See how many details appeared in the dark, albeit with noise:

Regular Photo Night Mode

AI sometimes overdoes it with contrast and saturation, photos look unnatural. But some shots can only be saved in this way. Yes, and with manual processing, many do not want to bother, but here the finished pictures can be immediately “uploaded” to Instagram.

Selfie without Blur

Honor 8X is powered by HiSilicon Kirin 710 octa-core processor with Mali G51 graphics chip. The same “kirin” is installed in Huawei Mate 20 Lite. Medium power processor, Qualcomm analogues – Snapdragon 636 and 660. We tested Honor 8X for throttling in the CPU Throttling Test: in 5 minutes, the processor frequency dropped by no more than 15-20%, this is a good result.

Let’s get back to the good: there is an NFC module, you can pay with your smartphone in stores. The system also supports OTG technology, which is, connecting flash drives via USB. And most importantly – the audio jack is in place. Who hasn’t given up on wired headphones yet? Fly in.

Works for a long time, if you do not “burn” the screen

Subjectively, Honor 8X works for a long time: at least a day, sometimes it lasts until lunch the next day. This is with mail, social networks, photography. Battery capacity – 3750 mAh.

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