From professional e-sports player to an award-winning innovation leader. An exhilarating journey of Steve Lee

Steve Lee, a UX designer, is an established, powerful young man acting as an inspiration for everyone around him. Starting his journey as an e-sports player, he launched his own business at the mere age of 16 and excelled thereon. His hard work and dedication helped shape Steve into what he is today. In fact, he is now an award-winning innovation leader, and nothing can stop this enterprising gentleman from going far and beyond.

Steve had started earning to sustain himself at a very young age, despite having no prior training in gaming. He was able to make it a professional career with much commitment. Flying across countries to play ‘Counter Strike’ on international platforms – he was a very enthusiastic and tech-savvy child. Seeing his team’s success with every tournament, the group planned on making a website. Steve Lee didn’t let this opportunity slip away and volunteered to develop a site for better communication and easy access for future sponsors. Almost immediately, the little experiment was a huge success. Slowly and gradually, more offers came along this talented young man’s way, and soon enough, he developed a web design agency.

Steve had already launched a business when he was only 18 and had employed 30 people – his talents were boundless, and thus the company flourished. However, over time someone else acquired the newly established business, and Steve went on to take another turn on his road to prosperity. Now working as a VP at ‘Revance X’ – Steve branched out from financial technology to medicinal technology (though he remains a little regretful for abandoning his BitCoin dreams that could have been worth $10 million today).

‘Revance’ is a company based in Nashville, Tennessee, dedicated to providing healthcare products that focus on innovative aesthetics, therapeutic offerings, and financial technology services for healthcare professionals. 

‘RevanceX’, on the other hand, is a subsidiary project under the umbrella company ‘Revance’. Steve Lee is the current VP leading the space along with creative director Opie Offer. The project is a innovation lab that offers HCPs different opportunities to improve their practices. The innovation lab follows an iterative method of testing various programs and initiatives that improve business KPIs. Steve Lee stands tall and proud as he acts as a mentor and guide for this department with his vast experience and knowledge – constantly motivating them.

“There are opportunities in every corner. And there are endless opportunities.”

Living by the above statement, Steve has never felt the need to give up. Despite growing up in a traditional Asian family that believed only doctors and engineers were to be successful, he worked hard to become the first one to bring change to this age-old mindset. Steve Lee did not let his peers falter his dreams and continued on the path to UX and innovation – in fact, his dedication and commitment is his secret to success.

Steve Lee currently has an assortment of achievements under his belt. He has been presented with certificates from Google in design thinking and has also won awards from Fast Company for his UX designs. His most notable achievement was when the a government entity gave him $1 million in grants to solve their augmented reality using Microsoft HoloLens. Aside from that, he has also led different projects, which required his expertise in technology, including IBM, Chase, Microsoft, and most recently, ‘RevanceX’.

Though one may wonder what exactly is his key to such prosperity. Steve claims the most prominent supporter in his life has been his wife, Jessica. She is the one who stood by him throughout no matter what and has motivated Steve to strive for bigger dreams and change his life for the better. A woman with a high emotional quotient, she has taught Steve to empathize with those around him, enabling him to understand problems better and thus figure out solutions that turn into new opportunities.

Despite being a workaholic, Steve Lee emphasizes the need to separate personal and professional life. Creating boundaries and sticking to them is essential, he reveals. With the pandemic changing the dynamics of how different businesses function, it became quite a challenge to develop schedules due to hybrid and remote working systems. However, this separation has been the key to leading a prosperous life and preventing demotivation.

 “I want to change the world with something I can’t even imagine today!” stresses Steve Lee. He has always been a man of many aspirations and does not seem to miss out on a chance to dream big. He believes in the idea that opportunities can never end, which is why his visions hold no bounds.


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