Enjoy Working Remotely? Beware, your Cyber Security might be at risk | Emir Ceric

Ever since Covid-19 pandemic literally took over the world, people started to shift almost every activity of theirs to a digital platform. This contagion greatly affected the normal flow of people’s lives, and most importantly, it disturbed day-to-day activities. It not only led to the locking down of cities, but also the closing of schools and offices. Moreover, it caused families to self-isolate in their homes. Apart from that, most businesspersons were compelled to shift their business to an online platform. Due to the risk associated with the pandemic, everyone started working remotely.

But the question arises how is remote work or working from home proving to be harmful? Though remote work has its own advantage where it provides many benefits to companies such as not providing a working place, eliminating the expenditures of the bills of Wi-Fi networking, electricity, and other utilities, among other things. At the same time, working from home has the hazardous consequences of cyber-attacks on companies, employers, and customers. It has sown the seeds of fear of cyber threats in the minds of business owners, and because of cyber-attacks, many times, these fears have also turned into unacceptable harsh realities where people have lost their money, important business data, and personal information.

Even though cyber-attacks have become a common phenomenon, and hundreds of cases are reported on a daily basis, they are still manageable, and everybody can protect themselves against the attacks of hackers. But for this, they need assistance from a cyber security expert who can handle such cyber security threats and has assisted many entrepreneurs, clients, and customers working remotely. One such person is Emir Ceric, an established cyber-security guru, who is also an entrepreneur and CEO of cybersecurity company Meveto Inc. He has a huge interest in the complex working phenomenon of cyber security.

Emir is immensely passionate about finding ways to curb cyber threats by helping people in every possible way. His company’s motto is to assist people facing cyber threats or being attacked by hackers. With the advent of Covid-19, the world experienced an unprecedented surge in cyber-attacks on employers and employees alike. During such crucial times, Emir Ceric continued helping people fight against cyber-attacks by guiding them in every possible manner and suggesting practical strategies to resist any malware attack on people working remotely. Considering the need for a proper guide, Emir Ceric has outlined some critical preventive measures that everybody must take in order to defend themselves against cyber-attacks.

  • Passwordless authenticity: The first way online predators attack their prey is by cracking the passwords. Listing frequently used passwords and the same passwords being used for personal as well as business accounts provides an easy way to access the data of the company and of the customer. As a result, cyber-security expert Emir Ceric suggests people working remotely to follow an innovative and creative technique of passwordless authenticity to preserve their precious information regarding the business or any job. Passwordless authenticity is an entirely unique, different, and complex system like an ‘Asymmetric Encryption’, which works on two keys: a public key and a private key. According to Emir, this will help people develop protection against cyber-attacks.
  • ●      Optimum use of VPNs: Emir emphasizes on the optimum use of VPNs when working from home. What VPN does is that it encrypts the information that is important to us, and thereby the data is protected and cannot be attacked by any hacker. Research shows that some employers use encryption to send data to the company, but the majority of remote workers admitted that they transfer data without encryption from personal devices to working devices. Meveto Inc. is definitely revolutionizing cybersecurity, and everybody must get benefit from it.
  • Installing anti-virus apps: Apart from that, the cyber-security expert stresses using anti-virus apps as they easily detect any suspicious and malicious activity going on. It also helps secure online accounts while staying safe from cyber-attacks.
  • Using public and unsafe Wi-Fi: According to Emir Ceric, the use of public and unsafe Wi-Fi on personal devices can be much more dangerous. That is because a number of malicious hackers are constantly on the hunt through open networks and gather the information that is beneficial for them. So, it is important to avoid using any public network for security purposes. Using personal devices for office work also provides an opportunity for hackers.

Emir Ceric also predicts that in the near future, cyber-attackers will use very different techniques, and internet attacks will become even more dangerous. However, he suggests that anybody working from home should prepare themselves against cyber-attacks rather than give up using the internet out of the fear of being attacked.


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