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Challenges in the music industry: A word with renowned music producer Tony Scales

The music industry is home to talented individuals who have made history with their melodious voice, their songs, and their spellbinding dance moves. However, behind every successful musician there is a record producer who is responsible for creating perfect tracks that leave the listeners mesmerized. Most importantly, it’s the vision of the record producers that determines how successful an artist can be. 

Amongst the record producers that are setting the music industry on fire is Tony Scales, more popularly known as Chef Tone. This talented producer entered the music industry at the age of 25 and blew the world away with his creativity and dexterity. In just a short span of time, Tony Scales has become a figure of inspiration who has collaborated with hit singers such as Justin Bieber, Jamie Foxx, Sean Paul, Drake, and others. And yes, people love his honest lyrics!

Tony Scales has also received two Grammy nominations; best contemporary R&B Album for his contribution to the 2009 Trey Songz album Ready, and Best Reggae Album for his contribution to the 2015 Sean Paul album Full Frequency. Interested in learning more about the ace record producer and songwriter? Here’s a tell-all interview where Tony Scales speaks about his childhood, his inspiration, and his future plans…

Who is Tony Scales and how did he enter the world of music?

Tony Scales: Tony Scales is ‘Just a Kid from Chicago’ who spent his youth in and out of shelters. But even though I faced turbulent circumstances, I always felt pulled toward music. I remember my father played the saxophone and that sort of stuck with me. Another inspiration in the family was my grandmother’s cousin Magnificent Majestic who was basically raised with Michael Jackson and his family

But as far as my love for music is concerned, I discovered it by accident. I went around singing off-key in my house and that would really irritate my mother. Just singing at home gave me the confidence to freestyle with a group of friends later on.

How do you manage to write songs for such different artists?

Tony Scales: When I write for artists, I always consider their fanbase. If it’s someone new, I focus on whom they can reach with the song. I wrote Heartbreaker for Justin Bieber keeping in mind that this was his first album doing R&B.

How has your experience been working with some of the biggest names in the industry?

Tony Scales: My experience has been quite the journey. It started with a tour with R. Kelly and Jay Z for Best of Both Worlds. A few years later, my first song reached the top 10 on the Billboard R&B/HIP-HOP Charts, for Plies, Jaime Foxx and The DREAM. I achieved a lot in a very short time period.

Have you faced any challenges in the music industry?

Tony Scales: The only challenge I faced was not completely understanding the business aspect of the industry. The companies at large have failed to educate the creative community and have found it rather to their advantage to exploit.

Tell us about your new and upcoming projects.

Tony Scales: I’m working on a new project with a very talented artist by the name of Maejor. We have previously worked together on projects, including Justin Bieber. Currently, we are working on a Psychedelic company. You will have to wait up a bit to find out what it is!

How are you giving back to your community?

Tony Scales: I often speak to the youth at schools and camps. I am also working on developing programs for kids from the inner city.

Any advice for the youth or aspiring music producers?

Tony Scales: Be consistent no matter what problem you face. Most importantly, believe in yourself, and love yourself. That’s where it all begins.


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