Cell Phone Powerful Signals and What to Do About it.

Every year cell phone are transmitting more powerful radio signals to cell towers. Consumers around the world still hold the next to their head waiting for confirmation, if the radio signals are actually safe so close to the human body. The cell phone industry is a mega monster with billions of dollars of following cash. Each year to question is ignored.

You have 2 options, if you want to protect your brain from the powerful cell phone EMF. 1) Keep the cell phone 2” away from your body at all time. Use texting or speaker. 2) Use an EMF (radiation) blocking phone case. Only one such phone case seems to do the job correctly. Cruz Phone Cases ( is the only such case that has impressed us and actually reflects the cell phone EMF away from the body, testing 99% effective.

The cell phone radiation debate will not get resolved. So you as a consumer, must be aware of these potential cell phone health hazards. Stay healthy.


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