“Broke Off Entertainment” Emerging New Record Label out of NJ!

In today’s music and constantly changing sound “Maurice Goodrich” CEO of “Broke Off Entertainment” has been consistent in delivering a variety of artists who give uniqueness and artistry in a time where everyone sounds the same. “Broke Off Entertainment” has brought us some of the most influential acts in R&B, Pop, Neo Soul and Hiphop today. “Broke Off Entertainment”, has introduced us to multi-platinum producer “Steel” who has produced one of the labels new records entitled “Stoner”, by one of their new artist “J Demons”. “Broke Off Entertainment”, has discovered some of most influential videographers and photographers such as videographer “Corey Hallan aka Corey Wave”, and Photographer “Richard Alfonzo”. “Maurice Goodrich” stated he’s only looking for the best of the best as he and his company plan on making their legacy stick in the music business. “Broke Off Entertainment” has emerged as one of the leading record labels in New Jersey to discover hot new talent, while their popularity is quickly growing “Broke Off Entertainment”, is seen as a label on the rise, giving artist opportunity to live their dreams. We look forward to all the new talent and future projects “Broke Off Entertainment” will bring, as they continue to discover stars and deliver great music.

For publicity inquiries please contact:
The Misty TV Firm Corporation via email: themistytvfirm@yahoo.com
The Misty TV Firm Corporation IG: @themistytv

For Inquiries and Demo submissions please contact “Broke Off Ent.” via email: mauricegoodrich@gmail.com
Broke Off Ent. Instagram IG: @brokeoffentertainment

“Broke Off Entertainment” Instagram IG: @brokeoffentertainment


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