Best artists in South jersey – Yungtye22

Azaan Tidwell who goes by the rap name Yungtye22 grew up in the rough streets of Camden Nj. He is now a 18 year old unsigned artist whos consistently putting out good content without a team behind him.

Azaan Tidwell is a very versatile artist. He has songs from club bangers to pain songs. He first gained big attention from his song Switch Sides “.

In that song he mashed up a variety of hit songs and rap to all of them on 1 song. Switch Sides is currently at 230k view on YouTube. Yungtye22 most recent banger is Night shift where he comes with a sad type beat works with producers prodbytntxd coast beat and add his Nj style too it. Also, he produces some of his music & engineers all of it. Make sure you take some time out and give this artist a view because trust me he’s worth it.

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