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Baraja Partners with Macnica to Bring its LiDAR Platform to Automotive OEMs in Japan

Partnership with Baraja will help Macnica to support its new autonomous driving and industrial IoT strategy.

Baraja Pty Ltd., an Australian startup and developer of Spectrum-Scan LiDAR technology for self-driving vehicles, has announced its partnership with Macnica Inc., a Japanese provider of semiconductors, electronic devices, networks, and cyber security products with high value-added technology. The partnership will help Macnica to advance its new autonomous driving and industrial IoT strategy using Baraja’s support in Japan. On the other hand, Baraja will use the partnership to offer its LiDAR platform to Japanese automotive OEMs. The partnership will also help the company to bring the innovative platform to vehicle automation partners across heavy machinery, construction, delivery vehicles, trains, and industries in the Japan market.

“Working with Macnica is a significant step toward driving further market tractions for our LiDAR in Japan. Our company has closely worked with Macnica’s team and is impressed with their resources, level of technical expertise, and strong customer relationships that’ll support both future and current customers. This expanded partnership opens up several new opportunities, which we look ahead to pursue together,” said CEO of Baraja, Federico Collarte.

Partnership will help Macnica in its comprehensive strategy with expanded market focus

“Macnica has enjoyed a highly productive collaboration with Baraja, and our company looks ahead to continued partnership on the path to large-scale commercialization of these crucial technologies in the autonomous vehicles industry. Huge demand for LiDAR has been ignited by the aggressive development of autonomous driving. The unique technology of Baraja perfectly positions our company for delivering immense value to customers,” said Executive Officer at Macnica Fuji Electronics Holding, Inc., Atsushi Sato.

As part of a long-term partnership, Baraja and Macnica will continue to explore further growth areas. Baraja has specifically developed its LiDAR technology for addressing long-term challenges of autonomous driving. The partnership with Baraja will help Macnica to strengthen its strategic position as it looks to evolve from a distributor of hardware products to a provider of complete ecosystems for autonomous vehicles. Macnica has recently started to supply the smart mobility industry.