Bachelor of Fashion Design and it’s career opportunities in 2023

Fashion Designing is a specialized professional field that aims to create stylish, functional & aesthetically pleasing apparels and accessories that reflects the current trends as well as the insights gained from researching customer’s needs & preferences, economic situation, socio cultural factors, available techniques and material etc. Fashion Designers use their creativity and technical capabilities, besides knowledge of materials, design principals, fabrics, texture, colours & hues and patterns to conceive design concepts, create sketches, identify the right materials and manage prototyping & production. 

Fashion Designers can work in various settings such as retail stores or manufacturing facilities or design studios or even independently and may focus on a specific field of fashion like women’s wear, sportswear, men’s wear or accessories.

To be a success in a constantly evolving fashion industry, a fashion designer must develop deep understanding of traditional & contemporary production techniques, stay in sync with the latest in technologies & trends, artistic, details oriented, be excellent in networking, possess strong sense of style and vision, attend fashion and trade shows, be aware of global fashion trends, economic conditions, cultural & historical context of fashion, market dynamics and should be capable of predicting forthcoming fashion trends. 

Prospects after Bachelors in Fashion Design Course:

Bachelors in Fashion Design will aid with multiple presents a range of career opportunities, however we are listing just a few of them as follows:

Fashion Designer: Fashion Designer is a skilled professional who uses his artistic talent to create innovative collection of personalised garments and/or accessories. He usually concentrates on a specific field of designer fashion like Haute Couture Fashion or sportswear or children wear etc. or on unique lifestyle accessories. To be successful, he must be passionate enough and stay updated with current fashion dynamics, latest techniques in production, modern methods & tools, new types of material, market trends etc. This will enable him to predict upcoming fashion designs that will not only generate revenue but also establish his reputation as a success in the fashion industry.  

Fashion Stylist: Utilising his creative abilities & fashion expertise, he crafts captivating and inspiring exhibits to showcase clothing that enhances brand image and effectively communicates the intended message with the target audience. Depending on the occasion, whether it is photo shoot, award shows, fashion shows or other events, he identifies and selects the apt materials, fabric, accessories, hair style & wardrobe etc. Success in this discipline requires excellent communication & networking capabilities, quick thinking, problem solving skills besides the ability to work well with multiple teams etc. Different types of stylists are:

  • Wardrobe Stylist
  • Celebrity Stylist
  • Editorial Stylist
  • Fashion Stylist 

Textile Designer: He is accountable for conceptualizing designs, patterns & textures in two-dimensions that can be utilized to manufacture textiles be it knitted or printed or woven. To succeed, he must boast of exceptional artistic talent, eye for colours, patterns and textures besides possessing strong visualization & sketching talent. Furthermore, he must be adaptable to working in multiple disciplines including Interior Fabrics- such as home furnishings, upholstery, carpets etc., fashion design & industrial production.  

Retail Merchandiser: He is responsible for developing strategies to effectively manage & display the store’s inventory so as to enhance sales and revenue. By using insights gained from data analysis & research, he identifies consumer trends & needs and then collaborates with vendors to select the suitable products, negotiate procuring prices, determine its selling prices, manage procurement timelines, promote products & organising efficient displays and store layouts. 


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