Atletico Barca with 4 goals

The match was exactly what a six-point match meant. If they had lost, Barcelona would have been 4 points behind Atletico Madrid. After winning, they pushed Atletico to number five on the points table, two points ahead of Atletico. This is the great satisfaction of Catalan coach Xavi

If they had won at any interval, Barcelona would have beaten Atletico 4-2. This is the first big match of the season to show Barca so much, which will give Barca confidence for the rest of the season. This is also a place of great satisfaction for Xavi.


Xavi’s great satisfaction in such a victory in front of about 70,000 spectators at his home ground Camp Nou is probably to show Atletico coach Diego Simeone ‘Barca football’! It also plays with ten people in the last 21 minutes!

Not just the rhythmic football or the dazzling tiki-taka of Messi-Iniesta-Javid in the time of Pep Guardiola, Barca. However, after Jordi Alba equalized in the 10th minute and Dani Alvez was shown a red card in the 69th minute, the way Barcelona played, it can be said that the 59th minute was the most difficult for Barcelona under Xavi.

After Barca Alba trailed by Yannick Carasco in the 6th minute, Gavi and Ronald Arauho’s goal gave them a 3-1 lead at the break. Alvez scored the fourth goal at the beginning of the second half. Suarez returned a goal in the 57th minute for Atletico.

The reason for Xavi’s satisfaction is the fight between the two coaches before the match. Xavi said at an event three years ago about Simeone’s defensive football that the football he plays at Atletico in Simeone “does not go with the big team.” Today, for the first time, before facing Barca under Xavi, he gave a counter stab to Simeone in the press conference.

Referring to the purchase of four of Xavi’s favorite players at Barca in the January transfer window, he said that Xavi would now be able to play the style of football of his choice at Barca. “If you have only one type of experience in life, you will not be able to understand the value of the other,” Xavi said. If you go somewhere else, get another experience, then you will understand that life is not just a matter of one kind of experience. ‘ The implication is clear, Xavi doesn’t understand anything outside of Barcelona-style football.

Xavi answered in the style of Barcelona at the Camp Nou today. Atletico did not breathe a sigh of relief as the ball was snatched away.

Xavi has dropped three of the four players who joined the club in January — Adama Traore, Feran Torres and Alvez Start from the start. On the other hand, in the right wing of the game, Trevor ran fast on the side of the touchline, approaching the touchline and ‘widening the field’ for Barca, keeping Atletico’s defense busy. Returning to play as Falls Nine, Torres Atletico found a ‘pocket’ in defense and died in the attack. And Xavi has played a game of great intelligence with Dani Alvez. The trick is to borrow a page from Pep Guardiola’s coaching book.

In Bayern Munich

Guardiola played as an ‘inward midfielder’ during the team’s attack, even though he played Philippe Lam on the right back. In other words, if the team attacked, Lam would not go up the touchline like the traditional rightback, but would enter the midfield. Xavi has played Alvez in that role today. Just as Barাa took full advantage of Alvez’s superb foot-ball skills, the 36-year-old Alvez didn’t have to breathe to run right-back from mid-center during Atletico’s attack!

The strategy, however, took some time to succeed. Atletico got the first goal in 6 minutes! Barাa left-back Jordi Alba was spotted by Luis Suarez running out of the field, and Rodrigo Di Paul made a great thrush from midfield. Atletico saved the match with a great combination of three passes.

But if the Barca goal festival is still over! Alvez got the ball over the box in the 49th minute and scored a great half volley. Atletico could not be found in the match!

In the 56th minute

Suarez, the former striker of Barcelona, ​​gave hope to Atletico with an opportunistic goal. It was expected that there would be competition in the match, Jamal Natak.

Alvez saw a red card for kicking Atletico Carasco from behind in the 69th minute! Goal scoring, scoring goals, seeing red cards … all the colors of the Brazilian right back were seen in one match.

But even if Atletico attacked Barca with ten men, they could not create a chance to score. The color of the match was only on the referee’s card. A Barcelona assistant coach saw a red card for overreacting to the referee’s decision, and Xavi later received a yellow card for the same offense.

Pierre-Emerick Abameyang, who moved to Barcelona as a ‘free agent’ after his contract with Arsenal was terminated at the end of the January transfer window, also made his debut for the Barcelona jersey. The 32-year-old striker, however, did not show much glimpse.

There was no need for that. Atletico did not suffer the opposite of Barca. Simeone did not win at Barca.

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