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In your busy life, you feel very much relaxed while spending the time in in watching your favourite movies. When it comes to the animated movies, not only children but even adults are fond of them. Many people are so crazy at watching anime that they can’t wait for a day but watch these movies on the same day when these are released in the cinemas.

Are you one of those people who are crazy for watching anime? Are you looking for a platform that offers the latest videos for free and in HD quality? Well, we are going to introduce such an amazing platform that will definitely make you excited. It’s Animixplay that we are going to discuss today. This platform is offering lot of stuff and almost all of it is latest and top trending.

What is Animixplay?

Do you want to know what is Animixplay? It is basically a website that is offering a lot of HD quality animated videos. You will be further amazed to know that all these videos are available for free. All the time, there are thousands of viewers on this website as it is very popular. When you will visit Animixplay, you will clearly come to know why a lot of people are always there on this platform. You don’t need to spend your precious money for the entertainment purpose but you can watch your favourite anime freely. Just sit with your friends or family, play one of your favourite videos and spend the quality time!

Is Animixplay safe?

Some people are just spreading rumours about Animixplay that it is not safe to use. This news is not true but it is just a fake. You can try it yourself and you will notice that it is such a safe platform. You can even go through the reviews of the real users who are extremely happy with the quality and the stuff available at this website. I have watched animated movies at several platforms but I personally love Animixplay. The thing that I personally like about Animixplay is that it shows the least number of ads. However you noticed that other platforms are full of ads and rather than enjoying the movie, they make you feel annoyed but in case of Animixplay, you can continuously watch your favourite cartoons for hours without any interruption.

Do not believe on the rumours but try it yourself and believe me that Animixplay 100% safe to use. It does not bring any why kind of virus in your device. Just like YouTube or other video platforms, it is simply a place where you can watch your favourite animated movies and that’s all.

Fans’ trust on Animixplay:

As I already mentioned, there are thousands of rivers available at Animixplay all the time while watching animated videos. All the fans of this platform love it and trust Animixplay. They believe that it is a safe platform and they believe that it is the best place to watch HD anime. It is simple to browse, super-fast to load, free to use, offers medical features and bring the latest stuff. This is why fans are in love with Animixplay app.

I am sure that when you will visit Animixplay, you will also be in love with this platform because of its amazing features and high quality. No other platform is providing such a big number of animated videos for free.

Why only Animixplay?

You will be thinking that there might be many other platforms providing animated movies. Then why to watch only on Animixplay? There are the following reasons to answer this question:

· Free Platform:

There are many platforms that are offering animated movies but all of them are not for free. There are many requirements for example you have to to get the paid subscription you have to subscribe with your email account or any other but the reason why people prefer Animixplay is that it is a free platform. Without spending even a single penny, you can enjoy your favourite cartoons for hours.

· HD quality:

Another amazing thing about Animixplay is that it offers all of the videos in HD quality. You will feel like you are watching the movie in cinema and you will be lost in the beautiful scenes of your favourite movies.

· Fast loading speed:

The website is providing HD quality videos so it might have speed problem, do you think so? Well, you don’t need to worry at all because it is a very professional website that is offering all the videos at very high loading speed. The video will not get stuck even for a second. However, you have to make sure that your internet connection is stable.

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· Multiple stream types:

Animixplay is also like to because it offers multiple stream types for every anime so that people can use the most appropriate one.

· Latest stuff is available:

You will find that almost all the latest animated movies will be available at this platform. So you don’t need to find the top trending movies at any other platform but you can directly use the app or website of Animixplay and there you go!

How to install Animixplay?

Now when you have learnt a lot about Animixplay, I am sure that you will be interested in downloading and installing this application. For every famous and trending app, people start making a lot of fake apps with the same name. Therefore you have to be very cautious while choosing original Animixplay.

Do you want to install it? All you have to do is to open the official website. You will find an option of ” install app”. Just click on that and it will be installed in your device. You will further be asked to ” add to home screen”. Adding Animixplay to your home screen will bring the app icon in the desktop of your device so that you can open this App anytime just like all other apps easily.

This app is not available in any other store. If you find it in any store that do not trust on that because that application will not be original. This app is very popular these days and people spend hours watching their favourite anime on this platform.

Frequently asked questions:

How are watchlists arranged?

Basically the watchlist is arranged in chronological order. The movie that you will watch in the last will be shown at the top of the watch list and so on.

How to change video quality?

All the you will prefer to watch in HD quality but if your internet connection is not stable and you want to change the video quality then you can do it within no time. At the bottom right of each video, you can find player settings. If play settings are not available then you can try external player. The quality change option also depends on the type of player you are using.

How to delete all anime in my account?

In the control panel, you can go to the ” account” menu. There is an option to clear all anime in your account so you can do that at any time when you want to do.

What is sandbox on/off?

The sandbox is available for your comfort. Basically, when you use external players they can bring any type of pop ups on your screen that can make you feel annoyed. In order to prevent external players from showing any popup and for blocking pop ads, sandbox option is provided. You can turn it on to stay away from such annoyance.

How to reset password?

If you remember your previous password and you are logged in then you can change your password by yourself. However, if you forgot your previous password and you want to reset it then you can do so by contacting the admin.


So, we have gone through the details of Animixplay thoroughly. If you are fond of watching anime and you want to see your favourite cartoon in HD quality then you can directly watch online and there is no need to get into the hassle of any kind of downloading. Just go to the website of Animixplay and start playing your favourite animated movies. Another option for you is that you can install this application from the official website in your own device and every time you will just click on the app icon and there you go!

There are many other platforms over the internet where you can watch animated movies but the reason to choose Animixplay platform is its high quality and fast play. You will not get stuck at any time and you will not feel annoyed but you will love to continuously watch your favourite movies.

Therefore no need to waste your time anymore but just click on the website of Animixplay and start spending the quality time with your friends or family while enjoying top trending movies.!

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