An Interview: What made Omar Khamis expand his footprint in the fashion scene?

There is no denying that fashion connects people irrespective of their backgrounds, cultures and boundaries. In fact, fashion creates communities by offering people a space to express themselves in a way that may not be supported by conventional society. This is exactly what Omar Khamis had in mind when he established KOEYEWEAR, an eyewear brand.

With the idea of offering stylish pairs of spectacles and sunglasses, the founder and owner of KOEYEWEAR introduced trendy acetate frames for men, women and kids. While Omar Khamis gets his sunglasses designed in Bali, it is made in Italy using top-notch and unique materials to preserve their quality and durability.

Born and brought up in the United Arab Emirates, Omar Khamis always had a keen interest in fashion and the latest trends around the globe. According to him, eyewear is an accessory that will enhance your overall look and personality.

In order to know more about his eyewear brand and his journey in the fashion industry, we got in touch with Omar Khamis – the genius behind KOEYEWEAR – to get an insight into what sets him apart from the rest.

How did you develop an interest in eyewear?

Omar Khamis: You must be aware that UAE is the hub for fashion, and you will find all sorts of brands and accessories in the country. Being surrounded by such brands and luxury items all around, my love for fashion peaked even further, especially eyewear. Although eyewear has become quite popular now, people still don’t have a lot of options available at reasonable prices. With KOEYEWEAR, I aspired to design chic, high-quality eyewear that is trendy and fashionable at affordable prices. 

What is your vision behind KOEYEWEAR?

Omar Khamis: KOEYEWEAR is where vision meets style. It is a one-of-a-kind eyewear brand that was established to provide customers with an entertaining and exciting way of life through their daily eyewear, keeping their comfort in mind. My vision behind making every design unique and different from each other so that they suit the various face shapes and skin complexions of our customers. I believe in the beauty of diversity.

What drives your passion for eyewear?

Omar Khamis: My love for sunglasses is what ultimately drives my passion. I love wearing fashionable and chic eyewear that goes perfectly with my outfits. I understand that there are other people like me, and KOEYEWEAR is exactly for them. I want to make my brand the best and the biggest in the world so that people from everywhere can share my vision of trendy and comfortable eyewear.

What’s the story behind the names of your sunglasses?

Omar Khamis: Well, it depicts my love for various cities across continents. I strongly believe in the beauty of diversity and hence named my sunglasses after various cities across the globe to show that KOEYEWEAR is for everyone and cherishes all countries.

For instance, my best-selling products for men are Moscow and Chicago; for women, it is Paris, while for unisex, Miami is amongst the top favorites. Having said this, my newly launched products follow the same course with the introduction of Abu Dhabi, Milano, Monaco and Ibiza.

Tell us a bit about the potential you see in the industry.

Omar Khamis: Well,in 2020, the global eyewear market was valued at $110 billion; however, it is estimated to reach $237 billion by 2030, resulting in a surge of 8.4 percent. This exhibits that the eyewear industry is on the rise, and people are getting more and more inclined towards investing in their sunglasses.

It’s not a surprise that various apparel brands have also started their own range of sunglasses to give a holistic look to their customers. Hence, the eyewear industry is not going to get stagnant any time soon and is all set to rise in the near future.

Tell us something about your latest idea that has revolutionized the eyewear industry.

Omar Khamis: I have introduced virtual try-on via our app and online services. Virtual try-on basically lets you see what you will look like in a new pair of sunglasses via your webcam. So before making a purchase, you can actually see how it will fit your face, be confident about your look and then place the order.

This is something, I believe, is a missing factor in the fashion industry and needs to be endorsed and adapted at large. As people are getting more inclined towards online shopping, there is always a risk of how it may actually look to them. With a virtual try-on facility, they can be sure about their purchase which will also help online businesses grow even further.

How important do you believe customer service is for your or any business?

Omar Khamis: It is extremely imperative for customers to be happy and satisfied with your products as they are not just your customers but your marketing tool as well. I believe in creating a relationship with my customers which is why my goal is to not only make the best eyewear but also provide outstanding customer service. 

What is your mantra of success?

Omar Khamis: Never give up. You should keep in mind that within every struggle lies an opportunity to succeed. Thus, you should keep pushing yourself and keep trying until you succeed. Under no circumstances should you ever think of quitting. Learn to take every difficulty as an opportunity in disguise, and always remember that nothing is impossible if you have the courage and willpower to do it.

Omar Khamis is an entrepreneur who saw an opportunity in his passion and converted it into a successful full-fledged business. His creativity, drive and dedication to making it big further fueled his passion and helped him carve a niche for himself in the already-established fashion industry.

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