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Altier: lighting the way in jewelry

Jewelry is considered a fashion statement for many, while some think it is a financial asset. Astounding pieces of jewelry also remain in a family for generations, and their worth multiplies with time. This is why buying jewelry is never considered a waste of money. In fact, it is usually seen as an investment, and rightfully so!

However, over the years, many fraudulent jewelry stores have emerged in the market. In times like these, it is better to stick to the brands that are best in business. This is where Altier Jewelers steps in. Founded in 1960 by Joseph and Marjorie Altier, this was the first local jewelry store in Boca Raton. 

Over the years, the exemplary services of the store have allowed it to stand out from the rest, and it has become recognized as the perfect place to find high-end jewelry. Today, Altier Jewelers is owned and operated by Cutler Altier, a third-generation grandson of the original founders. Backed with years of experience, Cutler is further taking the jewelry store to the heights of success by upholding traditions rooted in quality, customer satisfaction, honesty, and integrity.

Talking about the jewelry and watch store, Cutler Altier says, “We are Authorized Dealers for many pieces of jewelry and watch lines. And we still run the business with a flawless reputation of service, integrity, and trust.” This is because Altier Jewelers is a customer-focused store with an inventory of unique items. Apart from selling renowned brands, the store also provides on-site jewelry repair, custom jewelry designs, and manufacturing engagement rings and diamond jewels. The best part is that anything and everything is available in your budget!

Some of the known brands stocked by Altier Jewelers include the high-end jewelry line of Roberto Coin, Temple St. Clair’s jewels that are treasured by collectors throughout the world, and the exclusive Hulchi Belluni jewelry line. Apart from these brands, the store is also home to jewelry by Gucci, Sloane Street, and the premium Altier jewelry line. “While there are many stores selling jewelry, we are different from our competitors because we go out of our way to create a personal relationship with each client,” Cutler Altier stresses. “We also go above and beyond to deliver an experience unlike any other store,” he adds. 

Cutler Altier also understands that clients are often tied up in several commitments and find it hard to visit the store. For such individuals, the purchase method is made effortless with in-person hand deliveries to their office, home, or anywhere in the world. Even though the store was formed in the 90s, it has been the vision of the predecessors that has contributed to the success and expansion of the door. “In my 21 years at the helm of Altier Jewelers, I have seen some tremendous changes in the landscape of the jewelry industry,” Cutler reveals. 

He further went on to share, “This change hits faster today since people are highly influenced by celebrities and tend to follow anything that catches their eye. To ensure we stay on trend, we have to keep revamping the designs.” 

Moreover, another problem the store has faced and tackled is the dramatic shift from print advertising to digital and social media outlets. With online shopping in full swing, many brands do not see a future in-store display. However, Cutler believes that the services and ambiance Altier Jewelers provides cannot be compared to an online store. “Thankfully, the brands that we represent understand the importance of an independent storefront to create an intimate and unique experience when a client would like to view their products in person,” he states.

Over the years, Altier Jewelers has catered to various celebrity clients that are global icons in the music industry, actors, artists, as well as political figures. Hence, the store is the best place where you can buy your dream jewelry.

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