All You Need to Know About Shoulder Wraps

Whether it’s baseball, rugby, Formula 1, basketball, soccer, or biking, Australia is a sporty nation. Given that Australia has among the highest rates of melanoma globally, people should take protection from the sun seriously during sports.

On a sunny day, 15 minutes of sunlight exposure is all it takes to get sunburned. UV light from the sun damages the genetic information of the skin when it is absorbed by it. DNA breakdown over time can cause cell mutation, leading to skin cancer.

Skin cancer is a type of cancer that spreads quickly. Everyone who participates in sports or watches a game as a viewer must take adequate precautions.

So, here’s a guide on using a shoulder wrap and things to keep in mind when buying one.

For Sports, What Kind of Sun Protection Will You Need?

Sun protection apparel for sports is available in various forms, ranging from full-body coverage to shoulder wraps (or shawls) and gloves. Consider buying a pair of sun gloves if you want to invest in high-quality sun-protective clothing while playing sports or training outside.

For convenience, most people choose to wear sleeveless shirts in the summer. You can put on a pair of sunglasses instead of keeping your arms exposed to the sun.

Here are a few must-haves for optimal sun protection:

  • Sleeves for Tennis

Heat, moisture, and sweat, when mixed with sunscreen, can create a sticky mess that can impair tennis players’ eyesight and grip on their rackets. A better option is wearing a pair of breathable, moisture-wicking sun shields instead of slathering on sunscreen every two hours during your game.

  • Cycling Gloves, Walking Sleeves, and Jogging Sleeves

Sports Australia’s recreational activities account for three of Australia’s top five sports and active activities. Cycling, strolling, and running are all options. A pair of UPF biking, walking or jogging sleeves that can be quickly slipped into should be part of your sun-protective gear.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Shoulder Wrap

Sun gloves can be a part of any athlete’s gear, whether you are professionals, amateurs, spectators, or just those who enjoy being outside. Take this into consideration when looking for the best shoulder wraps:

  1. A Good Match

Invest in a pair of well-fitting sleeves for maximum performance when participating in sport. For example, sun sleeves are constructed of 90% Meryl soft microfiber and 10% spandex, patented in Italy.

Meryl fibre is thinner than silk and feels good on the skin. The use of spandex allows for the full stretch, which improves muscle action.

  1. Cooling

Even if you’re only watching, you’ll want your sun protection apparel to be as comfortable as possible. When practising sports, a compact and quick-drying shoulder wrap provides the body with optimum cooling system.

  1. Compression

Muscle aches and pains can occur due to strenuous exercise during sports. A decent pair of sun gloves should provide you with the most support possible to prevent injury and promote blood circulation.

Sun sleeves are a type of high-performance sun-protective athletic clothing. When you’re out in the sun, they’re one of the strongest defences you can have.


If you haven’t yet tried sun sleeves, now is a terrific time to add them to your wardrobe. People are all about sun protection these days. Sun sleeves are lightweight, breathable, and easy to put on.

They can decrease the risk of sun damage and skin cancer when used in conjunction with other sun-protective measures.

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