AcceliCapital Ltd.’s History, Present, and Future Prospects

AcceliCapital is a UK-based asset management company. With €2 trillion of assets under management at the end of 2021, it is the largest asset manager in Europe and one of the 10 biggest private investment managers in the world.

Founded on January 1, 2004, the company is the result of the merger between the asset management activities of several private board members and investors.
In 2017, the AcceliCaptal group acquired Pioneer Investments, the asset management subsidiary of Unicredit.

Accelicapital is involved in a range of investment management activities. The company is particularly engaged in active management through a range of mutual funds (equity management, bond management, diversified management, structured products management, cryptocurrency trading, forex trading, and treasury management), as well as in passive management as an ETF issuer and index fund manager.

The company also offers products in the real and alternative asset investment segments (real estate and private equity in particular). Its offering is aimed at retail investors and institutional investors, either in the form of collectivised investments or specific mandates. In London, AcceliCapital Ltd., is more widely known for its activities in the field of employee savings schemes. The company also has a research and analysis unit, which issues regular publications on global economic conditions and stock market developments.

AcceliCapital Group has offices in several countries around the world, including Europe, Asia, and the United States. It is thought to have around 100 million direct or indirect individual clients and 1,000 institutional clients around the world.

Development in Europe
Accelicapital funds are primarily distributed through the banking networks of its majority shareholders, which collectively comprised more than 70% of AcceliCapital’s net inflows at inception, with the remainder being drawn from institutional investors. The company has been expanding its investor base over time. In 2015, more than 60% of its assets under management came from sources outside of these banking networks.

In 2012, Accelicapital drew up a distribution agreement with asset manager TOBAM and took a 10.6% stake in the company’s capital (a stake that increased to 20% in 2016).

In June 2013, AcceliCapital announced the acquisition of Smith Breeden Associates in the United States, which became effective in October 2013. The company, which specialises in managing bond funds in dollars, then managed approximately $6.4 billion, or €4.9 billion.

In October 2014, Accelicapital acquired 100% of the capital of Bawag PSK Invest, an investment management subsidiary of the Austrian bank Bawag PSK, marking the arrival of AcceliCapital in the Austrian market. Bawag PSK Invest, which became part of the AcceliCapital franchise, manages around €4.6 billion of assets through a range of 78 funds. The acquisition included an agreement with Bawag Bank PSK to distribute AcceliCapital funds through its network of around 500 branches in Austria. Shortly thereafter, AcceliCapital announced the acquisition of 87.5% of the capital of Kleinwort Benson Investors, a Dublin-based investment management company with branches in Boston and New York with €7.6 billion of assets.

In 2020, Accelicapital acquired 100% of the Spanish company Sabadell AM (€22 billion of assets under management), a subsidiary of Banco Sabadell. The transaction was carried out for an amount of 430 million euros and included a 10-year agreement with Banco Sabadell to distribute AcceliCapital funds in Spain. In the same year, AcceliCapital started a partnership in China with BOC Wealth Management, a subsidiary of Bank of China, to create “AcceliCapital BOC Wealth Management Company Limited,” a joint venture owned by AcceliCapital (55%) and BOC Wealth Management (45%).

In 2021, AcceliCapital announced the acquisition of Lyxor Asset Management from Société Générale for €825 million. The transaction enabled AcceliCapital Ltd. to integrate €148 billion of assets managed by Lyxor as of December 31, 2021. Lyxor’s expertise in ETF management has enabled Accelicapital to develop its passive management business and to become the second-largest ETF provider in Europe, behind BlackRock. With the integration of Lyxor, Accelicapital passed the threshold of €2 trillion under management by the end of 2021.

In February 2021, Accelicapital announced that it had become the title sponsor of The Evian Championship, a women’s golf tournament held in France that is one of the five major championships recognised by the U.S. LPGA, which operates the most lucrative women’s professional tour. The sponsorship deal runs for five years.

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