7 Questions to Ask from Your Electrical Contractors

Electrical services are undermined by most people because they never bothered to find out more about electrical works. that’s why an unexpected number of Britons don’t hire registered electricians and carry out DIY repairs or hire untrained workers for electrical services.

Questions you need to ask before hiring an electrician

1. Are you NICEIC registered?

The national inspection council for electrical installation contracting is a UK registered council that provides training and license to prospective electrical contractors, and any electrician not registered with this council is not capable of providing top-notch electrical services in accordance with UK regulations. NICEIC registered electricians have received their training based on these regulations, and always carry out standardized repairs with optimal safety and functionality.

2. Can I see your paperwork?

Don’t be shy to check the identification and electrical contractor license of the provider. You can even go a step further and check the serial number on the NICEIC website and examine the authenticity of the license. Any electrician who doesn’t want you to examine their license closely cannot be trusted with your project.

3. What are your qualifications for this project?

Sometimes being blunt with your question can answer your question better than avoiding the main concern. If an electrician does not have enough experience, they cannot provide a convincing answer to these questions. If they refuse to express their qualifications and avoid answering, they are most likely not fit to carry out electrical services for your specific project and are doubting their qualifications.

For UK electricians, two official qualifications are common for electrical contractors, the main test is AM2, which means the electrician is fully qualified to carry out any domestic electrical work, and the second is ECS or electro technical certification scheme, a government issues test for proof of competence of electricians.

If a contractor has both these qualifications, they are the best choice in terms of regulation observation and safety.

4. Are You Fully Insured in case of an accident?

It’s no secret that electric works can be dangerous for both the electrician, the occupants and the property in question. Any electrician who shrugs off insurance questions cannot be trusted with serious repairs and replacement or rewiring jobs. Make sure you check their coverage plan, as some plans don’t include property and client insurance, but only insure the electrician in case of an accident.

Keep in mind, insurance coverage doesn’t justify hiring reckless electricians, so make sure you check any reviews left behind by previous clients to see how they operate. Insurance should be the last thing you’ll need to deal with, so don’t hire electricians with an extended history of electrical accidents and use of insurance.

5. How much experience do you have in electrical works?

Having all the qualifications with no real experience means the electrician is bound to make rookie mistakes. Experience is vital in the electric services industry; it creates a sense of reliability for the electrician that most clients are after. An electrician with tough projects under their belt is surely capable of handling your electrical tasks as well.

In more complicated cases, lack of relevant experience might make perfect installation impossible, for example with solar panels, or certain entertainment appliances and equipment.

Finding an experienced electrical contractor in London is easy, you can contact electric works London to get in touch with a professional electrical contractor with similar experiences relevant to your needs. You can hire separate electrical contractors for tasks that require more expertise while handling more mainstream electrical tasks to an electrician with more experience in that area.

It’s important to note that extensive experience in a certain area of electrical services does not necessarily justify the proficiency of an electrical contractor for other unrelated electrical tasks.

So, ask prospective contractors about their history of providing electrical services, what sort of projects they usually accept and follow up questions regarding their experience to make sure their stories check out before trusting them with your project’s safety and access to your home.

6. What Guarantees Do You/your company offer?

it’s important to have the guarantee of proper services after the job is completed, so if there is an issue with any part of the provided services, the electrician is held accountable.

While freelance electricians can’t offer any other guarantee than their word, companies like EWL offer guarantees for their services, because of their trusted electrical contractors. if a company does not offer customer support service after the project, they probably expect poor performance from their contractors and don’t want to be involved with the repercussions.

7. Do you have any references?

If the contractor does not currently represent any electrical services providers, you can check with their former employers to find out more about their history as a contractor. If the electrical contractor has no references and is not registered either, chances of receiving a proper electrical service are very low. Trusting a contractor with no references and license is a recipe for disaster, wherein the best case scenario you receive inadequate electrical services or end up with damaged property while no one is held accountable. Additionally, your insurance may no longer accept your reimbursement claims because of hiring an unregistered electrician.

Hiring best electrical contractors in London with no affiliation and certifications is not the easy task and not just in terms of electrical safety, but your property as well. Even if you know the person yourself and trust that he’s not using it as an excuse to enter your property, they may lack the necessary training to carry out the job. Rough handling of electrical appliances can damage them and reduce their lifetime, and since there is no insurance coverage provided by the electrician, you will not be reimbursed for damages, unless the person you’re dealing with pays it out of their pocket, which is unlikely.

Electric Works London is a renowned company providing bespoke electrical services including installation and replacement of electrical fixtures and appliances, maintenance and repair services and other custom electrical services contracts in London and nearby areas.

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