5 Questions With Chicago Artist M.T.G.

What does M.T.G. stand for?

Movin Towards Greatness. I had a friend who passed away in a car wreck. He went by MTG. I just flipped it at the time. I needed something positive.

What made you choose R&B over Rap?

I didn’t really know about singing. One day I had to do a demo for somebody and I had to try. It turned out good enough they made it my song. I guess I’m a singer now.

When is your birthday?
October 19th.

What is something that people would never know about you?

Outside of music I like to fly airplanes. I looked it up a little and then I started to meet pilots that taught me a few years ago. Some people thought it was crazy at first but now they see more people wanting to do it.

What is one of your biggest achievements?

I have some, but I’m not trying to get comfortable. I remember one time a car ride by me playing me. That was different. Nobody planned it. I remember when I first had a song go viral. My phone went off at 3 am. Somebody on twitter hit me up. An hour later it started picking up. By the time the sun came up I was on blogs.

Below is a link to M.T.G.s latest release featuring Dreezy and Papii Steez titled Lyin Eyes…


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