Microsoft and Apple Collaborate on iCloud for Windows 10

Microsoft and Apple today revealed the availability of a new iCloud for Windows 10 users. This application is now being accessible in the Microsoft store and allow the consumers to access iCloud features such as photos, and iCloud drive. The new offering is mainly powered by Windows technology, which is used in one’s drive files to boost a user’s offline productivity and also allows the quick exchange of files on iOS.

An Engineering general manager for Microsoft, Giorgio Sardo, said that the iCloud Drive on Windows 10 PCs and the iCloud for Windows app, the users would be able to access their iCloud Drive files from the file explorer. This helps the users to store their files safely in the iCloud Drive and can anytime access it from their MacBooks, iPhone, and

Apple users can easily share files from the file explorer and easily cooperate with others and its edits would be synced by the users across all devices. In the last year, computers with the iCloud installation were blocked from the installation of an updated version of Windows 10. On the other hand, Apple sooner released an updated iCloud, which is compatible with the users of Windows 10 computers.

iCloud for Windows is now being available to download its app from the Microsoft store across the world. Apart from iCloud, Apple provides another app in the Microsoft store, which is iTunes. Despite being decreasing the Mac version of iTunes, Windows version is not going anywhere.