Google to Bring Its New Ad Format to Its Mobile App Later This Year

Google announced a series of new ad types to reflect on the homepage of its mobile app, later this year. Ad types range in size and function and will also range in the location that they will display too. The ads would be displayed in the Google discover feed section of the homepage in a news feed layout.

According to Google’s blog post, the ads were specifically designed to be more visible on mobile devices with an idea that the ads to be more noticeable and ultimately make advertisers and Google more money. The new ads formats are also likely to be more broadly released in Google’s mobile product during the next year.

The search engine giant has also planned to place ads with up to eight pictures in the search results as a part of its gallery ads feature.

Gallery ads make it easier to communicate what the brand has offered to you by combining search intent with a more interactive visual format. Google found that on an average the ad groups including more than one gallery ad feature have up to 25% more interactions swipes or paid-clicks at the top of the mobile search results.

Google is also making a new Google shopping experience. The new Google online shopping experience will allow users to personalize and filter their products and purchase products according to the brands they love.